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You knew that to the precocious diagnosis aid to fight the evil with favorable results? You knew that the Graphology has managed to before need successfully cases cancer even of the medical diagnosis? Yes, it is verified at world-wide level, that the best form to fight against the cancer is the precocious diagnosis. The Grafopatologa, branch of of the Graphology that reveals through the writing the psychic or pathological state of the people, as a result of methodical observations, not has been back with the clinical area and has been born from the hand of her determining characteristic of health and disease in the writing. The Grafloga Matilde Evenness, disciple of the doctor and graflogo J. Crepieux- Jamin mentions in one of his libros* the following so right phrase: " The collaboration of the doctor and the graflogo is always indispensable similarity to me, because the graphology and the medicine have many meeting points: they are two sciences of observation, whose purpose is the one to study, with the help of general laws, particular cases. The collaboration of the doctor and the graflogo prevails reason on the other.

If it is necessary that each owns, the one graphology slight knowledge, the other medicine slight knowledge, is preferable that each of them remains specialized in its science, because each of them demands a continuous training from that ejerce". It is clear that this small self-examination does not try to ignore to the medical pursuit, but tries to be one more aid for the self-knowledge in this aspect. The certain thing is that from year 1950 when the first graphological method was verified, the test of Kanfer **, to the present time, the Graphology has been able to summarize graphical peculiarities that stand out in people with cancer. Peculiar and the excellent thing is that often the graphology has been right before the medicine, for that reason is without a doubt an effective weapon for the precocious detection.

Anger And Wellbeing

The handling of the wrath will be helpful at the time of leaving that state of rage. It does not matter if it is a fresh wrath or if one is the repressed wrath. Second it is that one anger that resides in you. If you allow that it grows, will become an ugly scar and they would be reflected in your attitudes. If you are angry with somebody, and you repress your anger for some reason, this one will become the repressed wrath. Mitchel Resnick pursues this goal as well. Unless you learn some techniques of the handling of the free wrath, never you are going to surpass this rage and is very possible that this, explodes you imagine at least it. The fresh wrath exists, that one that is caused then. ConocoPhillips has plenty of information regarding this issue.

Nevertheless this can become a repressed wrath. This will happen if you allow that it remains in your mind. Therefore it is a necessity that you clean your mind and you apply this popular blotch and counts new. If it is to you difficult to undo of this type of fresh rage, that is to say of the moment, there are some advice for you, who helped you to learn how to erase of your east mind episode. When you decide to begin to control your wrath, it is very probable that you find that the techniques of self-help, provides a solution to you. In addition they teach a to you: to solve your problems of wrath, different methods to do against the same, the reorientation of the emotional expressions, the control of the uncontrollable wrath and helps you to pardon to the others. The power to handle and to control your wrath, does not mean that you must suppress it, but is better to learn to show it without needing harming to others of any way. It remembers that if you have desire to kick to your fellow by any evil that had done to you, you maintain and it within you, is possible that you explode in a while against unexpected him.

When you learn to handle your wrath you discover like showing it of free way and without hurting to anybody. For example you can kick a pillow or a bed, thus your wrath has gone away of an alternative way and without damages. Perhaps the people are many who think that the mental therapy by itself is the unique form to learn to handle the wrath. But this is not certain. They also require a physical effort, if you have like objective the complete lightening of your wrath, then they ten in account that some simple physical exercises exist (like yoga), that helped you to leave your tense mood. To make abdominal also will reduce your wrath. The secret behind this complex handling of the wrath, is that everything what you need when you are angry, is the deviation of your mood to another thing, instead of to put all their concentration on the situation that would have caused your anger. You can control your anger looking for something alternative that it helps you to unload the tension.

The Android

For Blackburry users they can use the gCal application. However for Apple users they can use the iCal application that has a peculiarity and is that they can use it next to Google Calendar. Those that uses the Iphone 3GS can remove advantage from Microsoft Exchange for calendars, contacts, emaily more. The users of Microsoft can remove advantages from Outlook, whereas the users of Palm Pre and Pixi can use the services of Google Calendars, Facebook Calendars, etc. 4) It puts the Office in your Cellular one Many of the cellular ones of at the present time come with applications very outposts, or from having all the types of archives in your cellular equivalents to gigantic hard disks, like many other really impressive functions.

Those people who need one complete solcucin with respect to documents can visit Documents to Go, that supports applications for Iphone, Windows, Bluckberry and Palm. The price varies according to the caratersticas that we want that they have. The users of Windows have including for application MS Office Mobile and for the Apple users he has the application Quickoffices Mobile Office Suite. In the document section, the Iphone users can want to watch Air sharing and Dropbox. The Android users could watch GoAruna, that supports Mac, Windows and Linux with connection Wi – Fi for your cellular one. It is necessary to continue Updating itself It is necessary to continue watching all the new applications that can be arising and following our business and type of work to select those that better they adapt. Also there are other branches that include the cellular ones and that can serve to them to that they have businesses as they can be the handling of the contacts, reading of the news, document search and many others more than can serve to us.


That one sacrifice exists, but it needs much automatic control to bear it. The truth is not far from easy to find us after a work day whereupon our rupturado wife to with the pacts that both had I throw in the morning. We say, that it spent what would be for the week, that I score at the turn in which it was not going away to put, that acceptance the loan to pay the whims to its children. This, clear that it is hopeless to us, that makes us take moustaches to us and soon it takes still it to joke, as if we were acting our anger to amuse it. So if it is difficult, but with effort and commitment, one removes. First, if it happens that before they had decided something in that both they agreed and suddenly the glided thing was not followed, is a good sign that there is no the sufficient communication and without sufficient communication, is an indication that there is lost the confidence to you and without confidence never is going to you to platicar all plays, that in the long run, are these which take to the strong discuciones.

It is there where the first passage of the trip begins. To recover that confidence by means of a great sacrifice. It remembers, which you want for you, before you must give it without commitments. You cut yourself for this, acts first your. It leaves awhile by your problematic ones, is suitable olvidarte to you by while of your circumstances, clearly, without forgetting, that first of all the objective of this technique is that they improve the things for you. Your you would form the harmony, the price sera to put all the attention that your pair needs, helping it, supporting it, making feel it you want that it and the benefit will be that everything what your you do by her, she herself is going it to you to return. a>. It tries to inentar this. When surga a problem, atiendelo and prometele that you will do everything what this in your hands to solve it.

It includes/understands that it this locked up in her world of conflicts, enters him and rescatala. Hablale tuna, hazla to feel protected. Demuestrale that first of all, she this in the first place. Perhaps from the beginning, in the first task, daras tells you that if is difficult, but you do not flee to him. You would sacrifice time, effort and money inclusively, nevertheless little little advances, she respondera you and that estes doing convertira in a double benefit, both comenzarana to lean and the harmony resurgira like in the old woman times. &quot comes site; The marriage, the family and the work, like surpassing his conflictos" Original author and source of the article.

Evil Breath

The cause of this bad scent can be due to the presence of bacteria, that are able to survive if in the mouth exists an oxygen deficiency. Normally these bacteria usually are placed enters the back part of the language and the pharynx, and also between the teeth. These bacteria are necessary for the human organism so that we pruned to realise the digestion of effective form since they help in the process of decomposition of the proteins that we found in the food. The number of these bacteria usually varies of a person to the other. This number usually varies based on the hormonal system of the person, of the genetics of the person and some medecines even can influence in the presence of these bacteria. Scientific Literature confirms that to eliminate the evil breath brought about by these bacteria we must try that these bacteria stop producing volatile sulfuric compounds and also to turn these compounds into organic salts that do not bring about a disagreeable scent for the sense of smell of the human being.

In order to obtain that we must try that in our mouth it has the sufficient amount of oxygen Thanks to the recent advances of the technology now it is possible to measure of scientific form sulfurated volatile compounds of the mouth of the human being. Therefore it is possible to realise a pursuit of the treatment that is being carried out to eliminate the halitosis. Another recommendation that we must follow to secure a much more pleasant breath is to chew chewing-gum. Thus besides obtaining it much more encourages pleasant for the rest of people to chew chewing-gum is going to increase the production of saliva, which, as scientific studies indicate, the bacteria reduce and, therefore, the posiblidades to undergo halitosis.