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Productive activity increases, and in turn becomes more diverse, creating multiple differences between the organizations and what they offer. Analyze the trend of clients increases intelligence, power and customer demand. Customers are critical and demanding when buying a property and / or services. Knowing the constant changes in technology, as new technologies enter the market and thereby to our organizations. Clearly the world of computers and technology is advancing fast and drowns organizations greater automation. Analyze the behavior and trends in human resources as it grows in quantity and quality the size of the workforce. There are more and better development of human resources, because it is a requirement to belong to an organization that wants or is within the global competition.

The constant changing environment. The above-mentioned, definitely are potential indicators that influence change and constant adaptation. These indicators give the attitude of uncertainty and where organizations face: An Endless full growth changes associated with many options or alternatives. Integration is complex because an unknown number of organizations where each offers a different alternative and style. Continuous bombardment of goods and services. The market competition intensifies. Decreases the mass production and mass market. It is produced based on orders, contracts.

Conclusions To survive in the modern world requires strong leadership, an intense focus on customers and their needs, and a superior design and execution of processes. Reengineering is one of the tools that companies must own and know how to use those requirements to acquire prey to success. It is not a magic formula, which aims to solve the uneven than the present time present, but rather a well-used tool that can generate organizations that implement the achievements reached expected, contributes to, those who manage, work in it change their way of thinking and doing things. And foster the changes required to ensure proper operation, especially in the production process Take into account that the ultimate purpose of the change is to increase competitive advantage and when this goal is clearly stated, however you can go and participation of all the company can be precisely focused. The best way to ensure that workers see the change is through its most important objective: winning.