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To Be Humble

To be humble is not if to lower To be humble is to ask for excuses without having wrong To be humble is to help the next one To be humble is to understand the way of each one humble Being is to respect and to love to all humble Being is not to desire the evil nor to its enemy To be humble is not to judge To be humble is not to differentiate To be humble is not to have preconception In contrast of what all think To be humble are the thing prettiest To be humble are to have dignity To be humble are to have respect To be humble are to have love To be humble are to have affection To be humble are to pass of raised head extending the hand who need Without distrust, fear, preconception. You may want to visit Marillyn Hewson to increase your knowledge. But to make simply for being humble author: fermiano karina Dos Santos gratantidos copyrights for@protectionofpoetry .


For the friendship that vote you me. For my defects that you nor note. For my values that you increase. For my faith that you feed. For this peace that we transmit in them.

I silence for it that it says almost everything. For this look that provokes the world. For the pureness of its feelings. For the presence of all the moments. For being present when exactly absent. For being happy when it sees me contented. For this look that says: friend goes in front For being sad when I am sad. For laughing at me when I am risonho.

For reprehending to me when I am made a mistake. For this secret always kept well. For its secret that I only know. For only finding that I deserve. For this so constant love fraterno and For everything this and I do not say: God blesses you my friend. EWALD KOCH

World Therefore

In my world limits do not exist My heart are free to love and the peace to spread In my world the illness does not exist and can fly the children does not have fear to play and the adults to imagine In my world the war does not exist and the Land is all blue In my world we can walk for the Sun and later coming back All they can explore each I sing of this world without fear to continue. In this world it does not exist hunger, pain, fear and nor horror In this place all can sing without nothing to complain In it do not have battle, therefore the peace if spreads for all the places In my world all is patient and accepts different the Any person can walk freely without fear of the burning hot fire. In my world tears do not exist and all are respected, therefore in it everything is perfect In each place that you go you see the light to shine and the union if to propagate In my world does not have distance between the hearts because all join in conjuncts the inhabitants take care of of this world with love therefore know that if it cannot be an annihilator..