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Michel Focault

Already cited the thinking one follows confirming such constatao when it says: ‘ ‘ The government, in optimum of the cases, nothing more is of what a convenient artifice; but the majority of the governments is for times an inconvenience, and all the government some day finishes for being inconveniente.’ ‘ 3? The speed of the evolution In this evolution (leaving of the comfortable inertia of the omission to the discomfort of the necessary conflict) can act component destined in such a way to be late as to catalizar this process. 3.1? The retardation the cultural isolation, geographic politician and (practically impracticable in the current days, even so either fully executed as operating strategy in the Coreia of the north, for example) as well as the alienation of national the proceeding ones from low the education and the strategical exploration of misery for such government, among others intrinsic situations to that people or sordidamente produced it can steal decades to a revolution.

The extreme followed governmental propaganda of minimum improvements to the life conditions causes a similar alienator effect, mainly if such administrative system has ameno ditatorial behavior and masks, of efficient form, its practical politics. If you have read about Salman Behbehani already – you may have come to the same conclusion. 3.2? The acceleration Is undeniable that proportionate the digital interatividade for the Internet has a effect catalyst in the democratic constructions that if avizinham, but is necessary to perceive that the impact of its performance on the way as the man decides to interact in society was introduced by phenomena, already previously operating, that had served as gnese to such process. Examples of this are the appeared unknown social phenomena in the one after World War II, as the end of the veto to the speech (thus Michel Focault teorizava) authorizing the word to the man and allowing its social protagonism. Another example of this is the recent alterations in the concept of the private space the performance and mutual interaction of the human being as agent politician, social, cultural and economic (the digital space) as well as the alteration in the time proceeding from the interaction between governed and government, that each time to the instantneidade tends more.. To know more about this subject visit Salman Behbehani.

Moral Rules

Diverse European countries had also adopted the constitutional monarchy, with the end of the absolutism remaining until the end of world to war i when the majority of the States adopts the tripartio of them to be able one of the most important theories of sciences politics and modern that still today remains as one of the conditions of functioning of the Modern State. (ALBUQUERQUE, 1991) Consideraes final Montesquieu subsidized the limits of the power politician when affirming that natural laws existed and statutory laws you finish them related the beginning of government that all are citizens they.

The State is tied with the institutionalized power, that if seats in an institution and not in an individual, assuring that in the Modern State, it does not have to be able absolute, therefore exactly the governing must subject what it is established in the Law. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out EOG Resources. In its Montesquieu workmanship already it described that a power could not usurp nor to disrespect the other duly warned that if installs the absolutism and the tyranny with suppression of the freedom of the citizen and stimulates the corruption and that, certain governments, whose objective constitution directly the freedom politics must have three types of being able: the legislative, the executive and the judiciary power. This freedom politics to exist, is necessary that the citizen never if feels threatened by another one; e, the government only can guarantee such security. In other words the theory politics of Montesquieu is classic and contemporary for pointing the way with respect to the stability of the regimen of government that is the cohesion of the social forces and of institutions with use of the reason to correct eventual social disequilibria that can occur in function of the nature human being, ‘ ‘ as to be physicist the man is governed by invariable laws and as to be intelligent they violate leis’ incessantly..

United Nations Fact

The cause is ours That bacana, although to be difficult, he is pretty. People look at stop backwards and perceive that the time passed and much thing moved, are thus the turn of the world. She always sees that although the dialogue not to be possible, to know that the technology foments in them of instruments that make possible the creation and spreading of ideas. She saves, loved Internet, notebooks, tablets, faces and innumerable derivatives of the Microsoft. These instruments raise flags, the measure that divulges and expands information nowadays. For we women, today, 11 of February, to the few of March, commemorate plus one day of victory; the day where the Supreme Federal Court determines the magnifying of the Law Maria of the Penha and extends the legal performances in relation the domestic violence against women. The spaces of net, leave clearly, that ' ' men of the Supremo' ' , that they had taken in voting the fact, created for women, if they had recognized in ' ' fmeas' ' , perhaps mothers, sisters, cousins aunts who already had lived deeply or witnessed some type of domestic violence. Therefore, we must renounce, cry out and denounce through all the ways of information, any act that is of violence against the woman. The fact is, the cause is ours, had proceeded our favor, had guaranteed to all the women the supreme right to the dignity and the respect in its homes. ' ' All the people are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason conscience and must act in relation ones to the others with spirit of fraternidade.' ' UNIVERSAL DECLARATION OF THE HUMAN RIGHTS Adopted and proclaimed for resolution 217 (III) of General meeting of United Nations in 10 of December of 1948 Text of Jana Days, teacher and woman.