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Earthquakes In Brazil

As the point of bigger index of seismic abalos in Brazil is the Acre.4 Minas Gerais, DECEMBER OF 2007Jesiane Oliveira Da Silva, 5 years, if it became the first fatal victim of an earthquake in Brazil. The tremor, that happened in vilarejo agricultural of Carabas, in the city of Itacarambi, the 662 kilometers of Belo Horizonte, left others six wounded people – two in serious state, according to government of Minas Gerais. In accordance with the Sismolgico Astroroof of the University of Brasilia (UnB), the earthquake started to 0h05, lasted about 15 seconds and reached 4,9 points in the Richter scale, that goes until 9.Todas the constructions of the community had suffered some type of damages in the structure, being that six houses had been total destroyed. The others 69 had been damaged and had had of being evacuated, informed the local city hall. The geologic imperfection in the region of Itacarambi (MG) was mapeada classified in 2002, for the geomorflogo Allaoua Saadi, of the Institute of Geocincias of the Federal University of Mines (UFMG), together with others 47 great imperfections that exist in the Country. The found tectnica structure in the north of Mines is of the inverse type. ' ' The ground is formed by some horizontal slices that make pressure of a side for another one. If you would like to know more about Atreides Management, then click here. In the case of the inverse imperfection, the compression makes the blocks if to overlap, with the trend of one of them to point with respect to superfcie' ' , researcher (the State of So Paulo, 11/12/2007),5 explained CONCLUSOEmbora great part of the Brazilian sismos is of small magnitude (4,5 degrees in Escala Richter), today knows that, in regions exactly considered calm great earthquakes can happen. Although not to be alarming, the level of necessary Brazilian sismicidade to be considered in determined engineering projects, as nuclear central offices, great barrages and other constructions of great transport, mainly in the situated constructions in the areas of bigger risk. Although let us not have old registers of this type of phenomenon as China or France, today we know that they occur in our country and need to be conscientious this situation and to take measured by new precaution in order to prevent tragdias.6 REFER had access in 10/10/08 had access in 10/10/08 in 10/10/08

The Judgment

Perhaps it will be answered that recolocando the object in the corporal experience as one of the polar regions of this experience, retiramo to it what it forms its objetividade exactly. Of the point of view of my body I do not see never equally the six faces of the cube, exactly if it will be of glass, and however the word cube, exactly if it will be of glass, and however ' ' cubo' ' he has a direction, the proper true cube, beyond its sensible appearances, has its six equal faces. In the measure that I twirl around it, I see the face frontal, who was a square, if to deform, later disappearing, while the other squared sides appear and become each one in turn. But the destaexperiencia development is only for me the occasion to think about the total cube with its six equal and simultaneous faces, the intangible structure that it of the reason. the same, so that my stroll around the cube motivates the judgment ' ' here it is one cubo' ' , it is necessary that my displacements are located they themselves in objective space e, far from the experience of the proper movement to condition the position of an object, is opposes for it thinking about my proper body as a mobile object that I can decipher the appearance percipient and construct the true cube. The experience of the movement proper it would only be therefore a psychological circumstance and it would not contribute to determine the direction of the object. The object and my body would form a system, but treat-if-there of a beam of objective correlations and not, as we said has little, of a set of lived correspondences. The unit of the object would be thought, and not felt as the correlative of that one of our body. But object can thus be detached of the conditions effective under which it is given in them? The notion of it can be congregated discursivamente numbers six, the notion of ' ' lado' ' , and of equality, and uniz them in one it formulates that it is the definition of the cube.

Greenhouse Gases

To prevent emissions of effect gases greenhouse represents the ambient service that is next to being to become a significant source of income in the Amaznia, while to keep biodiversity and ciclagem d? water is value sources, in potential, to the long stated period. The exploitation of the value of the paper of the forest in the maintenance of the global carbon balance depends on a safe quantification of the emissions provoked for deforestation. Consideraes Final the land in the past passed for varies climatic changes, these changes had been natural for forces of the proper dynamics of the planet. Today we live a period of permanent conflicts climatic. More, which would be the cause? Which would be our participation with these changes? However, in the lack of enough tests, it is difficult to say if we will have a global heating provoked by the man or not. In any way, he is sufficiently risky to continue in the same way as if it has made so far, that is, emitting effect gases greenhouse without concerns.

The price of the consequences in taking this risk can higher of what be measured of prevention to be adopted. The Amaznia does not differ from the world, for being the forest that more bothers for its maltreatment and that in the last few decades, has passed for as many happened right pressures of the deforestations and forest fires, as resultant pressures of the global heating. More what we must think? Thinking in way optimist, the threat of the effect greenhouse can be an excellent chance to learn to act in economic and solidary way and to adaptarmos to the new conditions. Probably some species go to be fatally extinct and others will even though continue its fight for the survival arriving the adaptation, as it has occurred as many times during geologic history.

Sustainable Development

None of these basic problems can be decided of joint, but yes in the search of acceptable parameters, aiming at to the convivncia of the human being in a base more joust and balanced form. The way as if of the o economic growth, compromising the environment, surely it harms the proper growth, therefore it makes impracticable one of the factors of production of the capital that is the nature as production resource. Soon, a development centered in the economic growth that it second relegates for plain the social matters and ignores the ambient aspects cannot be called of development, therefore in fact it is about mere economic growth. Without a doubt, the new technological developments can act in the control of the pollution caused for older technologies, as well as the restrictions how much to the use of pollutant chemical agents they can be efficient in the ambient control. However, we need to examine the consequences of the imposition and/or dependence of the present technology in the processes of technology transfer the countries developed for the underdevelopeds. It is necessary that if it promotes to the adoption of techniques that guarantee the reduction/elimination of the acerbado consumption or, of the production that does not take in account the environment as finite raw material, in the attempt of the establishment of a new economic, conscientious system of the ambient and social question.

The hegemonic actors for implantation and suplantao elaborate forms to spread a thought in the sense-common one, for this the same use themselves of forms to mask the reality. The necessity biggest of an ideology is to occult the reality of the fight of classrooms, being made that the dominant ideas seem true (CHAU: 1982, p.87). One of these forms to spray the Ideology of the Sustainable Development that the capital found is the Ambient Education. 4.1. The Ambient Education and the Sustainable Development in the educational alienation.