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Tango And Salsa – Latin American Dances

The Tango and Salsa, at first glance do not have much in common, except that they are both South American dances. And yet they draw many overlapping circles. The tango was born in Buenos Aires, in the port areas of the Argentine capital. End of the last century brought the sailors from their African rhythms mixed rapidly with the longing for security, for love and home. Tango is a sad thought, can dance the best – they say.

Or: a vertical expression of horizontal desire. The latter award is the way of George Bernard Shaw. At the two is a bit of truth. The tango originated in the dark harbor bars and it took a long time, before it was socially acceptable. But he led his triumphal march to Europe and the USA. In a similar story can look back to the Latin American Salsa.

Its roots are found in Cuba, but it spread rapidly through the South American continent and since the 1960s in the U.S. and Europe. He goes to Africa Fertility dances and rhythm back. Today, the salsa is part of the standard of almost all the dance schools – exactly as the tango. But one must distinguish the Tango: Tango Argentinian between the tango and the dance as a world standard. Only the former is the classic Argentine tango. He knows no basic step. Both styles of music – the tango and salsa – developed in the course of decades, and also had to develop, otherwise they would have disappeared. There is the young DJ-style tango, hip-hop tango or the rock-tango. When are the new sounds of Salsa Salsa Salsa Romantic or rock.