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Company Vision International People Group

Laboratory specialists LHS (Arkopharma Group, France) specifically for the Company Vision International People Group cosmetic line created in perfectly with the physiology of the skin, cosmetics which thanks to its active ingredients stimulates the regenerative its natural functions. In the manufacture of cosmetics Millenium uses natural ingredients that are well absorbed by the skin. Moreover, the active components of Millenium restore and normalize the skin so as have a physiological tissue compatibility. Each drop contains Millenium secret flawless skin and helps to preserve the charm and beauty at any age. Hypoallergenic cream-gel 'Millenium' – a highly efficient tool created based on plant extracts and providing protection of the skin, has a rejuvenating effect. It improves the microcirculation, provides cell regeneration, is an excellent moisturizer a tool that improves breathing of the skin, is easily soluble vitamins and nutrients that make up the cream compositions, stimulates blood circulation, metabolism and excretion of toxins, making skin elastic and strengthens vessel walls.

Can be used as anti-inflammatory agent, wound healing, removal of skin irritation in allergic reactions, burns. According to Gazprom, who has experience with these questions. In gel 'Millenium' is hyaluronic acid, which gently maintains moisture balance, improves elasticity of skin, has a rare ability to safely and effectively smooth wrinkles and slow the aging process. GEL 'MILLENIUM' Includes plant extracts and hydrolysates protein. Effectively protects and rejuvenates the skin, improves microcirculation, cell regeneration provides. Modern cosmetology it is proved that the most good for the application of gelatinous cream – gel. They have excellent hydrating properties and do not interfere with normal breathing of the skin and excretion of waste products.