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Germany Mainspessart

So we want to ensure, to offer our customers always state of the art cosmetic. Niedermodukulare hyaluronic acid enhances the penetration into the skin, moisturizes, and has an anti-inflammatory effect. Olive leaf extract reduces photodamage, improves skin elasticity and reduces wrinkles. We use high in anti oxidants – red Bush extract, marula, vitamin acetate, vitamin A palmitate, vitamin C palmitate, honey Bush extract, vitamin and grape seed extract. Essential oils from controlled cultivation used to the therapeutic effect.

We use the unique abilities of African extracts such as Sutherlandia, Kigelia, honey Bush, buchu and aloe ferox to compensate for the lipid production and Strengthening the immune system of the skin. African oils such as Baobab, marula, Yangu and Manketti protect the skin from UV rays and provide them with valuable Omega – fatty acids. Eat products imitate the skin’s natural lipid coat and use Omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids in balanced composition, as well as other component to support the skin’s barrier function. Continue to learn more with: Michael Wirth. Esse is for people who want to buy effective, healthy and natural products to protect their skin as much as their environment. Organic bio cosmetics contains – in short – herbs, oils and extracts without pesticides, fertilizers or genetically modified ingredients. The products are better for the environment and leave fewer chemical residues on the skin. Certified organic cleaning products check among other things by the same organizations that control also food.

These organizations require much: you call that a certain percentage of the products comes from controlled organic cultivation. Prohibit the use of more contested Ingredients. Inspect the production facilities. You may wish to learn more. If so, Ken Cella is the place to go. They controlled the business records, to ensure that biological products to track are up to the certified organic grower. Esse is a certified ecological and biological cosmetics by ECOCERT France. Do you need images or more information?

Witch Hazel

NTrue label, 3 star bath salts precious “Flor de SAL” and gritty Sea salt crystals stimulate the functions of the skin and open pores. The high-quality care ingredients such as the protective skin Shea butter, skin-balancing organic wild rose extracts, moisture keitsspendendes organic Jojoba oil, vitamin E, as well as the fine scent of roses can be recorded as particularly good from the skin. NTrue label, 1 star care body lotion that rounds fast absorbing body lotion by its fine fragrance from the sensual relaxing care experience. Check out Ken Cella for additional information. Organic rose hip oil and vitamins strengthen the skin while rosy scent caresses the senses and valuable organic oils of olives and almonds, and organic Shea butter skin care and protect. NTrue label 2 star body oil if rich care or a rose massage you prefer, can indulge himself and his skin with the rose garden body oil. Especially dry and demanding skin is pleased with the valuable organic oils that protective to the skin or build them with vitamins and fatty acids. NTrue label 3 star deodorant and fragrance worlds soft deodorant roll-on the soft deodorant roll on without alcohol gives thanks his mild deodorant formula regulating bamboo and cotton fibers and organic extracts of fennel and Witch Hazel a safe and rosy skin feel – all day long. NTrue label 1 star fresh deodorant spray provides long-lasting protection and freshness of roses for the day the deodorant spray rose garden.

Ingredients such as green tea, hops, Linden blossom, Witch Hazel, lemon balm and Aloe Vera could fit well into a lovely refreshing summer drink, but are part of the effective deodorant formula and create a secure sense of deodorant. NTrue label 3 star Eau de Toilette Spray gives you moments of relaxation and the memory of a wonderful fine sensual fragrance the special fragrance of Eau de toilette sprays, created by the laverana perfumer in collaboration with a fragrance manufacturer from France. NTrue label 3 star hand cream newly developed: the particularly light recipe of the newly developed body SPA * hand cream rose garden moves quickly into the skin and gives a velvety soft manicured hands, surrounded all day by a fine fragrance – if person wants to, long – and again and again. NTrue label 1 star get body SPA * rose garden as of October 1, 2009 in health food stores and natural cosmetics shop, health food stores, pharmacies, Department stores, as well as selected perfumes and pharmacy departments. More cover, see or receive these from the lavera consulting team Sabine Kastner Schlemme, Laverana GmbH & co. KG

Cnk * CHRISTINE NIKLAS On Summer Price

cnk * CHRISTINE NIKLAS looking for 10 women as test crew for new summer anti anti-aging product Cologne, May 26, 2010: cnk * CHRISTINE NIKLAS is absolutely the effectiveness of their new product * BASIC day SPF 15 proof and gives off immediately on hautliebtuns.de 10 anti anti-aging combinations consisting of absolutely * BASIC day SPF 15 and absolutely * RELAX SERUM to each tester. Who want to be there, you can apply for free on hautliebtuns.de as a tester. The cnk * CHRISTINE NIKLAS brand for innovative, highly effective and natural anti aging face care. With their existing products cnk * CHRISTINE proved NIKLAS as well highest naturalness and strongest effectiveness in anti anti-aging facial care products are compatible. All cnk * products do not contain preservatives, mineral and silicone oils or harsh chemical emulsifiers (PEGs) and bribe in terms of impact and sustainability. The new absolute * BASIC day SPF 15 offers in addition a comprehensive protection against UVA – and UVB – rays. ABSOLUTELY * BASIC day SPF 15 meets today 2013 into effect EU regulation to the Sun (UVA / UVB protection balance 1:3).

ABSOLUTE * BASIC day SPF 15 is a high-quality, natural and very effective anti aging face care for the day. It provides in addition to the UVB protection with SPF 15 a comprehensive protection against UVA rays – one of the main anti-anti-aging factors. Through the intensive anti-aging die complex with many valuable ingredients, natural grape seed oil, Phytosqualene and moisturisers provides absolutely * BASIC day SPF 15 that the skin throughout the day is perfectly maintained. The light texture also ensures an anti-wrinkle effect by refractive particles. Wrinkles are visually soft, the complexion is frosted and the skin appears younger, prettier and even right off the bat.

More info to absolutely * BASIC day SPF 15 is there on. To the action: with can make all that anti would combine an effective anti-aging face care with a reliable protection against UVB and UVA radiation and also in the summer on a healthy, beautiful and all young skin value set. On you can apply as a tester. The participation is free of charge. The action starts immediately and ends on the 06.06.2010.

New: ADVANSA Thermo Cool With Sun Protection

ADVANSA has developed a new fiber with special fibre construction that has UV protection properties. ADVANSA announces a new development of fiber that has special features: ADVANSA Thermo cool with UPF * offers not only the best cooling and thermo-regulating properties, but is also an excellent protection against UV rays. Known to be one of the basic risk factors for skin cancer is unprotected to sit out of the Sun. As a result of a trend of to tanned skin and an outdoor-oriented life style, skin cancer has become a major and growing health problem. With the growing number of skin cancer cases accompanied, the perception of the need for protection against solar radiation is increased. Accordingly, ADVANSA has developed a new fiber with special fibre construction that has UV protection properties. Clothing from ADVANSA Thermo cool with UPF grants a better UV protection than traditional clothing. A whole range of protective clothing from ADVANSA Thermo cool with UPF makes sunscreen year-round comfortable and comfortable.

Impact on the sun protection factor of a piece of clothing, including the type of fiber, Web density, color, design, elasticity and stability as well as humidity or moisture factor has a variety of assumptions. Therefore ADVANSA offers a UV protection system with three classifications: 15 +, 25 + and 40 +. Accordingly, the clothing with the tested factor of the respective substance is declared, from which it was produced. Clothing from ADVANSA Thermo cool with UPF grants thanks to a unique mix of fiber the wearer excellent evaporative cooling and thermal buffer properties. Through this combination, the clothing helps to regulate the body temperature and always a temperature level to keep, which is referred to as comfort zone. No matter whether the carrier is in a stage of high or low activity, which is body overheating nor a unwanted post exercise chill effect, which could cool the body. As a result, offers this high-quality product a better thermal regulation, gives the advantage to attain more power the vehicle and protects it from UV rays. * UPF ultraviolet protection factor”: Sun protection factor of textiles. Corresponds to the sun protection factor sunscreen (SPF), indicating the consumers to which factor the stay time of an individual in the Sun can be extended without causing a sunburn. Andreas Knorr