Safe Fireworks

Can argue and speculate about whether it is possible to find a safe fireworks. This question can be answered unequivocally – no. Regardless of anything there are no fireworks, the use or the use of which does not require carefully and use. Any pyrotechnics, a chemical mixture, but as yet we know from school, all the experiences and work with chemical mixtures should be conducted in a strict environment under strict rules. What more can be added. Yes, of course, all fireworks can be divided into several classes. The first is probably the least dangerous kinds of fireworks, such as firecrackers and sparklers candles. On the one hand, it would seem, a damage can be from firecrackers.

But let's take a closer look at the device firecrackers. Typically, the charge of confetti flies out of the wide funnel, under the influence of a small explosion sent. So, imagine that improper storage or transport, the charge has moved and the direction vector of the explosion now goes in the direction of confetti, and in the direction of the cord that goes from the base of firecrackers. How do you keep your cracker? That's right, the left hand while pulling the right string. So, as far as we know, our vector explosion firecrackers razernut to 180 degrees and now aims at our hand. Nonsense, because flapper is made of hard cardboard and this will not cause a small explosion I much hassle. Remember about the storage conditions and note that if you neglect them, paperboard can soften and lose its stiffness. As a result, when using such seemingly innocuous devices like the cracker, you can easily get a light bruise his hands, and then another, and burn. Well, at the expense of candles and Bengal in general are not talking. In more detail, the classification of fireworks and firework safety can be found on our website Please be aware that any use of fireworks, pyrotechnics fireworks go entails strict adherence to basic rules of fire safety.