Quickly Gain Weight

Yes, being thin is not very great. But all can be corrected. And anyone can get exactly the body that wants to. To quickly gain weight you need to pay attention to the following: 1. food You are now very important to monitor their nutrition. Learn more at: George Kuhle. Here I'll tell you no super secrets. You need to consume more calories per day than you burn. And your first step if you have not already done so, you need to count the number of calories that you consumes an average of 1 day.

Yes, it's not fun to do, but you also want to gain weight fast? After counting – to add to this number 200-500 calories (can be added at first not so much to you more easily accustomed to the changes in the diet). After that, you should make a diet that will bring you many calories each day. Do not forget to use in your diet fruits and vegetables! Many of them are high in calories! After you increase your intake of calories – increases this number every 3-4 days until you reach the desired speed of weight gain. If you work or learn, and because of that you can not eat full – cook your own house high-calorie drinks and take them with you. Them without problems can be replaced by the number of calories consumed from food. 2. coaching If you want to cool the body with a beautiful relief – you definitely need to start going to the gym! The most important thing you need to know about training – Is how to grow muscle. The fact is that during training the muscles get the micro – damage components of muscle fibers.

After training, when we relax – the body restores them, and not just damaged, but little over the top. That is, instead of just healing our muscles become stronger. I allude to the fact that rest beyond important. If you have sore muscles – they have not yet recovered. How do you want to get more muscle if you just go on training? Muscles do not even have restored what was you until the last train, to say nothing of the growth. And the need to train with weights, repetitions that you can do no more than 30 seconds with a little. And it is not longer than 1 hour total. Otherwise, the rapid growth of your muscles impossible! 3. supplements Use supplements are not mandatory factor for weight gain. But since you are going to gain weight quickly – you'll have to strongly change the diet. And to spend time counting calories. There is additive and you may well help! Calories from them regarded as very simple as abc. When choosing supplements suggest you consider the most basic: – Gainer – Protein – Creatine (or a modern replacement to him – oxide ozota – nutrix oxide) I'm no expert on supplements, but know enough to say that these supplements are completely safe.