Subject company trend project graphic design company 3d creation will wear method of work from home for everything what implies, alleviated the movements of society which contributes to the preservation of the environment and remodeled the scheme of work and exploded the functionality that globalisation is known as free lance in the contemporary world mode also think of job opportunities for people who have disabilities that prevent scroll to get the indispensable in all business groups social value by which is one of the added values more important, consolidation of material human from all parts of the world so that the company has a concept that I call it the globality of thought there are various advantages in this scheme of work that benefit all parties both to employees and to employers in addition to dissociate us from all the cost of building infrastructure or rent and public services infrastructure maintenance and many of the added costs that implies one of the traditional companies as the cost on staff hygiene and basic services. Mega trends long-term trend is increased use of this service by the substitution of the electron which pollute the environment by Photonics that contributes to sustainability and that it is clean and has the speed of light which is much faster and the efficiency in the processes of the company; Trust investor who generates the trend of globalism in addition to new and different services that offer us the software that all the years are also developed by which the projection of business is expansive from the point of prospective view. Rupture is positive because it does not imply a permanent economic spending or to start the company has a clear investment to be carried out that it is in technological support that has to continue with the training. Seeds of change topic expand its service to global markets introduction are going to understand how we can empower our companies the Internet indispensable tool in our daily lives.