NATO Support

Spain unsuccessfully sought support in NATO. Sterile attitude of the Atlantic Alliance, he requested a statement from the European Union that never came. Finally, to defend not only the interests of Spain, but the respect and the dignity of our country, he opted for a measure of force, prior guarantee of support from United States with a hypothetical Moroccan response. Of course, Morocco condemned the recovery of parsley with the use of force. To deepen your understanding Salman Behbehani is the source. It was hoped it.

The curious and surprising, is that Mr. Rodriguez by then leader of the opposition and candidate to the Presidency of the Government of Spain also did. On 11 March 2004, on the eve of the day of reflection of a general election, which would leave the new President of the Government Spanish, a terrorist group that formed part not a few Moroccans, took place in Madrid one of major terrorist attacks in Europe, with 191 dead and more than 1,000 injured. Three days later, and after violating Rubalcaba the day of reflection, Zapatero became Prime Minister. In the light of that conversation held in the 2001 could the King of Morocco deduce that relations would improve much for the benefit of their thesis? 11/18/10, Luis de el Pino writes to Digital freedom when Spanish police had surrounded an apartment in Leganes on 03/04/04, where he took refuge assumptions responsible for the attack of 11-M, the then Ambassador of Spain in Morocco. Now be able to know who is the mastermind of the 11-M, said the Spanish Ambassador, to which Benaissa replied: Yes, Yes. And it will many surprises. When Zapatero took up his post as President of Government, one of its immediate decisions, along with the withdrawal of Spanish troops from Iraq, was the recall of the Ambassador of Spain in Morocco.