Journey of discovery through the climates of the Earth picks up on a new visitor attraction in the highly topical issue of climate change and climate protection. The Klimahaus Bremerhaven 8 OST points to 11,500 square meters of exhibition space a spectacular knowledge and experience. Science-based data, facts are from 27 June 2009 and phenomena to the climates of the Earth thrilling prepared presents and made tangible for all the senses. The scent productions by magic box at several stations of the travel immerse fascinated the visitors in the scents of distant, exotic worlds. With 4,800 sqm takes them the largest of the four exhibition areas in the Klimahaus entry. Starting from Bremerhaven, it runs along eighth Eastern longitude. At nine stations the different climatic zones of our planet also has typical scents and odors demonstrates this lush Alpine meadows in the Switzerland through the moist heat of the African rainforest up to the ice cold of Alaskan and the changeable weather in North Germany. Quite feel real visitors with temperature, humidity and scent experience how the lives of people on our planet by the climate is affected and what kinds of changes to come. \”Elke gravel, owner of the MAGIC BOX:\” we have composed new fragrances for this unique experience. For the first time Bremerhaven is implemented in Germany in the Klimahaus a fragrance concept, which emphasizes the authenticity of the locations by the typical smell and where the room productions is a fascinating experience for all the senses really.\” Magic box brings the individual stations on the unique way of life: the scent of fresh grass in Switzerland, about the scent of maquis on Sardinia, Cameroon jungle with roots, mushrooms, and each fruit up to the faraway Samoa with his unusual food preparation and back again on the Hallig Islands with their typical taste of the North Sea.