Magazine Advertising

Advertising in press has many modalities, in accordance with the size of the ads, size which in turn depends on the flexibility of each newspaper in particular. An advertisement can be double full page, half page, up to the claim, and finally the announcement by words. Bigger size the cost is greater, as well as the privileged places. Advantages of advertising in press:. (2) it allows a public previously segmented by type of newspaper advertisement is placed in that address.

To each periodic match to a different reader profile. The magazine, offers the advantage of color and a better impression. As for warnings (to its size) flexibility is less than in press (the most common being of full page). Their ads are characterized by color (products of beauty, beverages, tobacco, etc.). Here the advertising tries to implement a presence continued of the brand in the consumer’s life. Magazines specialized, they are funded by advertising in proportions much higher than the magazines of general information, to send magazines free of charge to the consumer.

There are other forms of advertising graphics: from conventional fences until ads light, passing through watches, soccer fields, canopies, car parks, bus and others. Billboards appear in urban centres, tourist areas and roads. It differs from other media by being a support only destined for advertising; as to the other incertan ads between their information, broadcasts or programs. Fences, due to its characteristics, tend to be a means of local support for campaigns using basically television or magazine. Process of ads: A – drafting of the texo, structures into three blocks namely: holder, body text and footer or closing it. B – by sketch, the first design of the advertisement. C – after approving the text, and the sketch is to perform what is called the final artwork (compose texts, select (photographs or drawings and assemble the whole). For outdoor advertising and magazines, is sent to the Agency a proof of the ad before you print it. Realization of the photograph, is subdivided into several sections, with arrangements to the complexity of their implementation (transfers of models, equipment needed for the scene, special effects, tweaks). Here you will find how to build commercials, musical phrases for jingles, commercial radio (Podcasts, Spot, Opening);In addition to other sections: sports, computing, health, painting, languages and more, all items of quality checked for your personal and spiritual development.