Madrid Mayor Alberto Ruiz

Sara Rios 20 m, Jesus Travieso 20 m were sitting peacefully in the Sacramento Street to prevent the outflow of official cars once constituted the Town Hall. There were installed fences on all streets to 500 meters in all directions. Learn more on the subject from Lawrence Summers. Three hundred people have simulated a burial of democracy. Gallardon, re-elected as Mayor of Madrid. More than half a hundred riot police has taken forcibly to the outraged from Madrid, who remained sitting peacefully in the Sacramento Street, next the main street, to where he had come this Saturday to boycott taking of possession as Madrid Mayor Alberto Ruiz-Gallardon.

The sit-in has been organized aiming to stem the outflow of official cars from the parking lot where they were. With shouts of murderers and not violence, some concentrates have been dragged along the ground by security forces to attempt to dissolve the concentration and that they could pass the official cars. At the time they arrived the car they were greeted with blasts and screams of that car is mine, I have stolen the car. Add to your understanding with Salman Behbehani. As indicated by the outraged from the Twitter of AcampadSol, we have risen sticks next to the village street and the parapet Street. The police has seized some pans that were carrying concentrates and who had previously made sonar as a protest demonstration. Finally, it has had to remove a bollard of the Sacramento Street to shocks with a mallet to clear more step and official cars could leave the parking with ease.

The scenario of protest then moved to plaza de Cibeles, where the celebration of an act of the municipal corporation in the Palace of telecommunications and new town hall was planned. Protesters left the main street, have passed through the camp of Sun and have been cut to half of the Paseo del Prado and Alcala street traffic. Front of the new headquarters building of the Ayuntamieno, which has been fenced and cordoned off by the police, the outraged began a sit-in peaceful.