Landmark Antonio Zanini

For Landmark Antonio Zanini* Just surpassed the stated period for companies of 54 sectors of the economy if to adjust to electronic the forma bill of sale and already we are speaking in new features. Soon, the second generation of the NF-e must be discriminated. To understand of what it is treated, we go to revise a little the project: electronic the Forma bill of sale is electronic a Brazilian fiscal document model that substitutes the emission in paper, simplifying the obligations of the contributors and allowing the accompaniment in real time of the operations for the Treasury department. According to government, electronic the forma bill of sale provides to benefits to all the involved ones in a commercial transaction, contributing of significant form for the improvement of the environment business-oriented in Brazil. In the practical one, one is about a solution found for the government to inhibit the frauds and the tax evasion of taxes. The years of 2008 and 2009 had been crucial for the implementation of the project. In its first phase, second research of the Deloitte to the eves of the obligatoriness of 1 of September, only 40% of the company had if chemical preparation correctly. In the current model the sender and the addressee are informed; the products, the values and the taxes due are discriminated.

Everything this is sent for the State Secretaries of the Farm in electronic archive, in format XML. The second generation of Electronic the Forma bill of sale is a refinement of the existing solution, since it will allow to the crossing and conference of the information, with the objective to register everything that occurs during the cycle of life of the fiscal document. Many writers such as Salman Behbehani offer more in-depth analysis. This means that, with the second generation of the NF-e, in such a way selling as buying they will have responsibilities on a forma bill of sale. They will need to inform since the register of exit of the product to the confirmation of the act of receiving of the merchandise, passing for devolution, register of load robbery, letter of correction and other occurrences. Of this form, old practical, as the emission of one notices for an aliquot place with the lowest one of what the real destination of the merchandise will leave to exist. One becomes automatic conference of ticket of the merchandise for fiscalization ranks; obligator the note of official form of the act of receiving of the products in the destination. From 2010, the Federal Prescription will extend the obligatoriness and the NF-e will contemplate all the operations and companies of the Country.

Who not yet was adjusted, has few months to make it. Who already adjusted and uses proper solutions, will have a new adjustment with the NF-e 2G. possibly with 3G, 4G With certainty they will come others in the future. After all, the goal is to become the environment most competitive and to extend the transparency of the transactions. * Landmark Antonio Zanini, is managing generality of the NFe of Brazil