Jose Waldemar

METHODOLOGY the work was developed in the E.E.F.M. Jose Waldemar de Alcntara and Silva, located in the city of Salitre – CE. For beginning of the work, a survey was become fullfilled on the ambient questions and the impacts generated for the garbage, together with the pupils of the pertaining to school unit and in some resident families in the quarter where the school is inserted. Jason Gableman: the source for more info. Some lectures had been carried through that had had as objective to focus the garbage as pollution, and the possible ones caused risks the health publishes, always related the importance of the Ambient Education and the preservation for the solution of such problem. These lectures had been effected using educative videos, posters elaborated for the pupils and informative brochures, objectifying the clarification of some insufficient considered concepts, through carried through interviews, such as: domiciliary and pertaining to school garbage, time of decomposition, destination of the garbage, pollution generated for the garbage, collect selective, as well as, the problems caused for the garbage for the man and the environment. Later, a walk in the main streets of the city was carried through, in favor of the environment, searching through posters elaborated for the pupils and educative bands, to acquire knowledge and to sensetize the population-target. International Energy Agency addresses the importance of the matter here.

This does not have to be a work that finda only with reports, must be the action start continues so that social actions are implanted immediately in the city, starting for the educational net. 4. RESULTS AND QUARRELS estudantil community can perceives and to observe the importance of the Ambient Education to provide a more healthful and harmonious life with the environment, what it allows that the man and the nature can exist without the ambient degradation and the pollution of the city with the accumulation of the garbage in the streets and public parks..