Here is a list of 10 jobs most dangerous in the world. In reality today as this world any work is dangerous too, but ask a walkers of dogs in Iraq. On the other hand, for all those who want a little bit of relief in their lives, and believe that there are worse things than go to scream every day at the bag of trade or other offers of employment which put us to think about the risks that can bring us some charges, formulate a list with the worst of the worst. 10.Guardaespaldas name says, but for all those who fail to interpret, the bodyguard aims to serve as a human shield for the atorrante who feel the need of hiring a person who stops bullets aimed at his head. From the moment that someone decides to hire a bodyguard, it is evident that occupy that post going to run some kind of risk, but for what AB? 9.Solado of the U.S. Army.UU be soldier of the army more asset of the world can be more than dangerous.

If you got the bad luck of being one among the millions of soldiers leaving missions every month, then will be better than you start to believe in something or someone, because if it is not in Iraq, it will be in Iran.este work definitely is not relaxed as you can be working in supermarkets, for example. On the other hand, there are so many soldiers with which account this army that perhaps you got lucky and get to wait for the 5 th World War to come into action. The bomb Squadron 8.Miembro your job is to get closer to a device whose sole purpose is to explode and destroy all what is to her around. It does not fit into our head that leads to this people to choose this job, but from 11: 11 we send sincere greetings and thanks to all the Stooges performing it.