Internet Colloquy

12 ‘ ‘ Still he had many things to write that you; it did not want to make it with paper and ink, therefore I wait to go to have with you, and we will talk of alive voice, so that our joy is completa’ ‘. Start of namoro is very characteristic cartinhas, the long colloquies, hours of telephone, the romances most current, still counts on Internet, messages for the cellular one. However, passing of the time, it seems that we lose these habits, we are more objective and when it has some colloquy if not to take care of finishes in confusion. However, the communication is a resource very important it human being! the tool more effective for the communication is the colloquy, already it says the dictated one: ‘ ‘ talking people if entende’ ‘. Three types of colloquy exist: 1.Conversa with the Other; 2.Conversa with God; 3.Conversa with I; We go to dive in this dialogue of colloquies and, to discover if we are not needing to talk more. TALKING WITH the OTHER the colloquy it happens in two ways, first: you say and I I listen, and second: ‘ ‘ I listen to and you fala’ ‘.

If the two people to speak at the same time, are not colloquy are confusion. To speak and to hear are not agreed if they will not be organizadamente. 1.Voc needs to learn to speak and to hear. Many people are excellent to speak, but pssimas to hear. Others are excellent to hear, but they possess great difficulty to speak.

The colloquy is something extremely healthful e, is of utmost importance you to talk with the people. Many people from fear of if displaying live silenced e, do not talk on what they are living. In the Colloquy with the other three basic points exist: ) The relief: You have asked for to the God a friend to relieve, to say of its hurts and pains.