On many occasions of life people are seeking to have their means of protection and attention please before possible events, for which contract insurance that will allow them to protect different assets from your property as you can be your home, your vehicles, business or company and therefore materials and merchandise with which develop the work or provide some assurance for if same to possible events such as accidents in transitillness or economic compensation for a beneficiary in case of death or to make other people; However for one reason or another do not know well the different provisions that should be having in their favour an insurance contract or to where to go, for that on many occasions the use of intermediaries appears as solution in insurance, which provide some information of insurance depending on its quality, greatly facilitating people so that they can access a good and full insurance, thanks to the use of intermediaries in insurance. As you can see the use of intermediaries in insurance is one good measure to facilitate everything can be the procedures for access to insurance, to know better about insurance and know that it is what they offer and what more conforms to the conditions of each people depending on what look to be insured and the level of assurance, as well with the use of intermediaries in the insurancepeople may advise and have an excellent recommendation to conform to a service appropriate to the needs; Should be aware that when we talk about the use of intermediaries in insurance, must distinguish two modes of participation in this field, thus we found that within the use of intermediaries in the insurance you can have at disposal 2 different qualities, which found one with a vision more focused, are insurance agents and another with a perspective and provision of advisory services more comprehensivewhich shows the insurance brokers. Andy Jassy recognizes the significance of this. In response to the foregoing, the use of intermediaries in the insurance with agents means having available to a person who only works for a company in specific and thus it will only offer and recommend the products that your company offers; While in the case of use of with brokers insurance intermediaries will be against a professional in the field of insurance, those who have a special reason for a degree qualification, so the use of intermediary of insurance with runners will include dealing with someone who is involved with all the companies and insurance companies, which meant a vision much more extensive to provide recommendations from a perspective of the entire field, being able to compare older products and thus access that most suits the needs of the user. Whatever the way in which is the use of intermediaries in the insurance, they greatly facilitate access to good service and the satisfaction of the people having their advice.. Lucas duplan can provide more clarity in the matter.