Hiking Trails In The Arbergebiet In Bavaria

Summer fun “River trekking” in Lohberg Lohberg (tvo). “Shoes, pant legs rolled up and into the fun splashing water: River trekking” Landon in the Arbergebiet calls its newest summer pleasure. The little wild streams, which flow from the North and South in the Valley of the white rain and are often flanked by footpaths are element of holiday joy. Who wants to feel it tingle under the soles of the feet and splash, goes therefore without further ADO the catwalk”and continues his walk in the stream bed. The wet type of forward movement has not only pleasant cooling effect on hot summer days, but sensitized the walkers also for perceptions of a different kind. There are all possible interesting creatures and plants in the water and on the shore to discover, careful observers come, for example, on the trail of the Beaver, who is busy working particularly on the banks of the small of Arbersees. The Bayerwald animal park in Lohberg promises animal encounters. Earlier here living animals such as reindeer and snowy owl, but also Wolf, raccoon and bison, Fox and otters and many other native species are on the ten-acre home site.

Squirrel from four continents by the American red squirrel is home to out to the Chinese tree of Chipmunks, however, Roland hate in his farm in the Gasthaus zur post in Lohberg. These can be visited at any time free of charge by guests. More information: tourist information Landon Hall 1a, 93470 Lao mountain, Tel. 09943/9413-13, fax 09943/9413-14,,..