Happy Birthday

Gift bought and beautifully packaged, signed card, another to add flowers and all …? And I want to make a birthday surprise for a birthday, to arrange something special, pleasant and cheerful. So, what can you figure out on their own, not hiring limousines and airplanes. First, decorate the room (or office). Petra Diamondss opinions are not widely known. Here we can help balloons (they now have the benefit of all shapes, colors and sizes to satisfy most wild imagination). They can just hang around the room, zheNadut or helium and hang to talk to them to tie bows, hearts, and photo birthday guests, greetings, tsvetyA inside to hide candy and confetti, notes, small gift, glitter also appeal to professionals and They are balls of flowers, portraits, letters and Christmas trees and all that you wish.

To create surprises mysteriously romantic candle needs. A variety of can not but rejoice: gnomes, hearts, giant and miniature, Bright and colorful. Candles can be laid out the heart or a name or let them float to the bathroom. And in the end to decorate their cake, where the same without it. Go ahead! Birthday to be congratulated for all to hear and vseuvidenie.

For example, paste up congratulations on the porch, on poles along the road on a minibus in the institute. Or write with chalk on the pavement (in this paper – all kinds of ways to create "drip" label). You can go further and order congratulations on a billboard. But such a "broad recognition" – an amateur, so consider the nature of the birthday child. That's so easy to make a surprise for his birthday and add a festive mood to the very gray day! Want more unusual ideas, fun surprises and greetings for the holiday? You here! I wish more brilliant and fiery celebrations in your life!