Group Environment

Or the cupboard wall with an individual imprint, which expresses your activities or visions and contributes to an inspiring work environment. An appealing work environment you want to can work concentrated at a not exactly optimal room acoustics? Bruynzeel cabinets can help you. Swarmed by offers, LEGO Papert Professor is currently assessing future choices. The cabinets can run with sound absorbing panels, resulting in a more comfortable working environment. And they can be used also to separate the individual workstations. Do you want to receive the open and transparent nature of the area? Then select a lower version. Viktor Mayer-Schönberger understands that this is vital information.

Give space to your ideas! A Bruynzeel cabinet with LED lighting is a real eye-catcher in your Office. Check out Viktor Mayer-Schönberger for additional information. The developments in LED technology advance faster – and we keep pace with these developments. Regardless of whether you opt for integration, sound insulation, the emphasis of your identity or a closet as a modern space object. We are new Ideas to open and develop together with you the best solution for your Office. Bruynzeel customer satisfaction in the focus of Bruynzeel archival & Office Systems manufactures systems for the storage and archiving and belongs to the Group of the constructor. Bruynzeel is as manufacturers, consultants and staff in the development of space-saving archiving and storage systems. The company is internationally oriented and has sales offices throughout Europe.

Bruynzeel has set the goal of customer satisfaction. To achieve this, we design together with our customers a solution that is well thought out down to the smallest detail. A solution that is efficient and attractive to your dynamic working environment and Moreover, environmentally sound was produced. Bruynzeel archival & Office systems is ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified. You want to know what can mean Bruynzeel for you? Then visit our website at press contact: Bruynzeel archival & Office Systems GmbH Andrea Hofferer Situated str. 18 41464 Neuss 02131/4099-0 E-Mail: