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amiando, event management software for online event registration and ticketing today published the third social media & events report. Munich 14 August 2013 which report has established itself in recent years to a required reading for event organisers and is regarded as important source of information on the topic of social media in the event industry. So, both previous report were downloaded over 10,000 times each. Particularly interesting are the developments and trends of social media in the event industry, as well as the comparison of survey results by 2013 with the data of the previous year. In addition, the report contains valuable and easily actionable tips for the effective use of social networks, with whose help event organisers their marketing strategies on the Web can improve.

Free download: of official Hashtag for Twitter: #SMER13 here just a few of the key facts that we could work out from the survey results: fact 1: social media is still an important marketing tool Organizer to reinforce measures in the marketing of events always still on social media. This is to derive that over 80% of the organizers this year want to exacerbate their social media activities. The most popular channels which are Facebook, Twitter, XING and LinkedIn. Fact 2: Trust in social media marketing the confidence in the potential of social media marketing has this year increased. Had in the year 2012 still three-quarters the organizers planned to expand its activities in the future, plan to intensify their efforts above 80% this year. A large part of the organizers, who have taken social media activities in the previous year, is pleased with the results.

Fact 3: Increase awareness of event as the main objective the main objectives of the social media activities are still the increase in awareness of the individual events and the entire brand. Achieved their goals here just under half (44%), which corresponds to a 76% stake in the operator to these objectives have used. Event organizers had the same objectives in 2012. About amiando, our mission is to provide, which helps them to achieve the greatest possible success for your event organisers with a professional platform. By the own online Ticketshop on specific event marketing to a secure payment processing amiando the best offers tools for a successful organization of the event. Worldwide more than 180,000 conferences, seminars and corporate events amiando already use. As industry expert, the amiando team supports you in all topics related to online ticketing and event registration. Amiando is a wholly owned subsidiary of XING AG and part of the business unit XING events since January 2011. The close linking of amiando and XING, the social network for professional contacts, event organizers have the ability to achieve in addition over 13 million potential subscribers worldwide.