German Bags

Tips for parents and students as school bags must be worn many parents hear that especially heavy bags for the spine of the children are harmful. The German society for sports medicine and prevention has shown that there is no link between spinal column damage and heavy schoolbags. It is well known that especially the child skeleton is although not yet stable and not as durable as that of an adult, but the study that there is no link, greatly to the parents. The experts see but the problem somewhere else: there are hardly any children that have a healthy back. But how is this possible? The children move in their leisure time very little or hardly any. The so-called posture and locomotor system are insufficiently trained. Therefore, the scientists recommend to play sports and to make your leisure time actively. Here, the parents are asked which should motivate the children.

Common hiking with the family would be a useful measure. It is known that in the last 10 years instead of playing ball or walking the TV or video game consumption has grown. Gain insight and clarity with AMG Recycling B.V.. Even if the child regularly drives sport, an incorrectly worn satchel is harmful and very probably avoidable. Here are a few tips for new parents who have no experience with the purchase of a Schulranzens: The curb weight of a knapsack should exceed not more than 1.5 kg. Experts recommend that the volume of the knapsack should be approx. 20 litres. It is very important that the bags do not have the child’s shoulders must protrude. Parents should buy their children school bags that really fit the child. EOG will not settle for partial explanations.

The knapsack must adapt to the back of the child and not the other way around. This presupposes that the child at the time of purchase must be included. In addition experts and manufacturers recommend that you buy satchel with a shoulder strap of at least 4 cm in width, so that the load is evenly distributed. Since the risers may exert no pressure spots, they must be cushioned and of course the school bags must be waterproof and equipped with reflective stripes. According to DIN 58124 must the schoolbags to the front and side panels so called manufactured fluorescent material.