From Zero To 80 By Dieter Dahl

Be healthy – no doctor and no pills! From zero to 80 without doctor or pills is a book by Dieter Dahl, in which he reports on his own knowledge about health. Since it was a long process, to acquire this knowledge, he would like to share it to all the people who get stuck with the modern medicine, who feel misunderstood by the doctor or are for those that treated only the symptoms and not the cause. Mr Dahl has written too much about sensitivity, since he has own physical or mental discomfort due to of electrical, magnetic or electromagnetic fields (EMF). This book serves as a guide even in his old age to be healthy without doctor and without pills. On the subject of health in old age”I’ve discovered a very interesting and unusual book by Dieter Dahl: from zero to 80″. The author, a vital eighties”, keeps the healthy nutrition for the”A”and”O”when it comes to continued good health goes. After a warning shot (bowel disease) has not reissued in the repair medicine, but over a long period of time a basic knowledge developed, with whose help he reached the self healing. Official site: Construction Lubricants Market. The way of cause research, to Dieter Dahl, was his rescue – even without a doctor and without pills.

Because the trail was rocky and long until then, he wants to pass on his knowledge and help other people who continued come not with modern medicine feel not understood by the doctor, or where only (how often) the symptoms and not the causes are discussed. In his book, Dieter Dahl treated under other topics like: why the food and pharmaceutical industries keep the sickening alive to make charcoal. Why even your doctor is no longer the decision makers, when it comes to, which means he will prescribe you. Why good health with the thinking starts. Therefore, trace elements and minerals are so important. What is the reason why today’s doctors treat only the symptoms and the cause on the ground no longer go and why automatically has a healthy body a healthy mind entail? In addition he describes …und what you can do about it, how and where we are manipulated, whether by our politicians, the pharmaceutical industry, the food industry.

He revealed the health dangers that lurk everywhere on us and called countermeasures. He has dealt intensively with electromagnetic waves and rays, since he belongs to the people are the sensitive. People are referred to as electro sensitive, indicating to have physical or mental problems as a result of electrical, magnetic or electromagnetic fields (EMF), which emanate from electrical equipment. Also in this area, he has made his (not always positive) experiences with physicians. To prove his E-sensitivity internal medicine he has attempted even a self, which is described in the book. In this context he also by the mobile radio lie and how the State violated its duty of supervision of the population compared to talks. The book of nothing on 80 “is really well researched, factual written and brings everything to the point. It is outstanding in that Dieter Dahl edited a topic as an autodidact, and as an author, which concerns us all something. AK Buchvertrieb, from zero to 80 “, 80 pages in large format A4 for 24.90 euro plus 3.50 shipping.