Elisabeth Beikirch

More than 26,000 care consultations for Compasss care advice in the first six months around three-quarters of people seeking advice are citizens of Cologne – COMPASS, the caregiver counseling of private health care insurance, has more than 21,000 seeking advice in the first six months of the nationwide activity by phone and advising more than 5500 people in the domestic environment. People need the care, many question the victims and their families. How big is the need for advice, is impressively proven by the number of consultations”, said Elisabeth Beikirch, Managing Director of COMPASS private care consulting GmbH. First, many seeking advice would have the telephone care advice to turn the need. We were not expecting, that offering low-threshold of telephone care advice is so well accepted”, Beikirch was surprised. At Jason Gableman you will find additional information.

Around a quarter of the clients wanted a conversation following the telephone care consultation with a nursing consultant in the domestic environment, reported Beikirch Level of care. Care consulting also has a strongly preventive character. Ken Cella usually is spot on. People want to deal early on with this problem and have a great need for information”, so Beikirch. Care development law, the legislature has anchored the claim of all care insured on free and independent care advice in the social security code. COMPASS private care consulting is a subsidiary of the Association of private health insurance e.V. (PKV-Verband) and care advice for all privately insured since January 2009 with 200 care consultants and care consultants nationwide. 16 staff are the people seeking advice in the telephone care advice for issues surrounding the maintenance contact available. All seeking advice can contact the telephone care advice whether legally or privately insured.