Disability Insurance

Worth the BUV for trainees at all? Who starts a training and go into professional life, is mostly worry about the security of our own financial existence. The fewest trainees think of a disability insurance (BU) are just in the first few years without any protection and would receive in the event of occupational disability from the State support (disability pension) no cents. A disability insurance for trainees should be considered so at least. Disability for trainees is not an issue as Apprentice you young and fit as a fiddle is the own health future hardly worried. Insurance, which insures its own ability to work is simply not appropriate at a young age. But what is actually, when you can no longer go to work for physical or psychological reasons? Quickly pass a mishap, which has permanent health damage or man falls into deep depression, making it virtually impossible to continue normal work.

In this case, those affected would receive no support in the form of disability pension at an early age as a trainee or student has still paid not five years in the social security system and is therefore not entitled to Government support. People such as Chevron CEO would likely agree. A private insurance in the form of disability insurance is the only way to insure the existence and in the first years of the possible social descent in the event of occupational disability to be unaffected. Trainees benefit from cheaper BU as the disability insurance focusing primarily on the age and health condition of the insured, benefit apprentices (and students) by the very reasonable monthly contributions. In addition to the above factors, especially the profession plays a further role when it comes to the calculation of contributions. Is classifies the apprenticeship in a high risk category, the posts for the BU are correspondingly higher.

Backgrounds are risk premiums of the insurer for occupations with a higher Likelihood of disability. Important: the contributions for apprentices are with risk premiums still always very cheap in comparison to contributions after a few years in the professional life. Earlier, a disability insurance is completed, the posts are the cheaper (see also current BU calculator). Do I really need a disability insurance as an apprentice? Yes! In the first five years, trainees are not entitled to financial support. Then get a State disability pension, which is in about 30% of the last gross monthly salary in the event of occupational disability. You deserve so approx. 1500 euro net, so get 500 euros by the State monthly. Whether that’s enough to life? Therefore an additional protection is highly recommended repeatedly by experts such as for example Stiftung Warentest. L.Meier