Colonic Irrigation

A clean colon is the best prerequisite for a successful reflection. What there are prior to the colonoscopy? Generally inform the doctor about the procedure for the taking of the colon cleansing by means of. It is important to adhere exactly to the instructions and especially much to drink. Some laxative liquids require a diet to be followed over several days. This is not necessary for so-called rinses with Polyathelyenglykol (PEG). Here, nothing should be eaten but on the day of the preparation in the afternoon.

In the 2-litre-PEG solution (MOVIPREP ) Additionally a liter has to be drunk to the cleaning solution clear liquid. What preparations can you make at home? You can get information from home from the Internet, E.g. at. Also, you should not make changes to the night before the colonoscopy, but rather early to go to bed, to be fit for the investigation. To the run down am Eve and to make, as pleasant in the morning of the examination can be ready wet toilet paper and reading material.

How much time should the reflection take place? Colonoscopy is held most mornings. Who has a long route to practice, should get themselves an early appointment at home making the second Colonic Irrigation alone. You should allow approximately three hours for drinking the solution and running off. Is it necessary to have a sick leave? It is recommended to make himself sick of colonoscopy for the day. Especially when the investigation with a sedative – or sleeping pills, you might then still somewhat dazed and may operate any machinery. Is there to observe something, when the intervention takes place under general anaesthetic? After the anesthesia you should not drive. Therefore should be accompanied best by a trusted third party, which sure has the investigation back home. What helps anxiety prior to surgery? Also in this case, it is best if one person to the doctor’s appointment comes with, which can soothe the patient and support. Afraid of possible pain during the Colonoscopy is recommended a light anaesthetic. The doctor should be used by the fears in knowledge. What should not be missing on the day of the colonoscopy? The health card and possibly a transfer should be brought. The doctor informed about other documents. To get the circulation back in swing, is something to drink and to eat for after the date or the return journey take. More information on colorectal cancer screening will receive patients under and. For questions and printable image material, please contact: Maria Dusing antwerpes ag Tel.: 0221/92053-349 E-Mail: