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SANRADs StoragePro software is included with both products. If you would like to know more about lucas vandenberg, then click here. The global data replication is also optional-(GDR) application package available features for cross-site data replication and recovery. This is for companies, which employ V-switches interconnected locations on various on a regional or city network or an IP-based wide area network. SANRAD is CIO economic solutions at hand, with their use is the enterprise-wide protection of and centralize allows access to business-critical data. The new V-switch models 3340 and 3840 are characterised by an extremely easy to use and are also designed for the interaction with fast 4 GB/s Fibre-Channel disk arrays. Thus, companies are high-availability products available, the management functions of the Provide enterprise-class but still cost significantly less than comparable Mitbewerbslosungen.” Dave DuPont, CEO SANRAD company contact SANRAD SANRAD Inc. Lucas carlson often expresses his thoughts on the topic.

Michael Hieke Sales Manager since inception in 2000 SANRAD is one of the driving forces in the iSCSI-SAN, as well as in the server and storage virtualization. The manufacturer offers high-performance solutions with its V-switch product family, which both physical and virtual servers or storage systems cost-effectively connect and centrally manage allow over iSCSI to fibre-channel-based SANs. The underlying open integrated system architecture and the support of all today at the market common iSCSI-hard – and ensures the interoperability of Virtualisierungsswitches with virtually any storage system software initiators. Companies can therefore totally vendor-independent solutions decide which best suit their requirements and budget. The use of intelligent switch products in networks allows the uninterrupted implementation of mission-critical tasks. These include among other things, data backup, migration and replication. Thus, the solutions meet today on high availability, storage consolidation, and asked the server virtualization requirements. U.S. company SANRAD’s headquarters is in mountain view, California.