Carus CC Future

Despite the crisis in Germany Swiss investors see the future on the coast of the new Lander Swiss investors future also on the coast of the new federal States, grevesmuhlen: since early April this year, the CARUS CC GmbH is now active in grevesmuhlen. In the almost 500 m office space the Carus CC GmbH has 45 jobs to which it applies. Over 15 employees from short-time working and the impending unemployment could be set by a company which previously worked in the premises. A group of investors from Switzerland, the Royal innovation factory AG, provided the necessary funds to secure a restart – and further expansion of the site. The Carus CC GmbH managing director Marc Santos is very confident for the future. The company and hence the site grevesmuhlen to the next was years backed up by strong and financially strong cooperation and customer, so struck man. Urgent at least 20 more employees it will be in the Area of customer service and customer support. The Carus CC company is active in the field of tele-marketing and offers to find each of the possibility of an internship and a secure job for the future to make your own image in modern premises..