Brendon Burchard

Don t undervalue what you know or in Spanish don’t underestimate what you know. I saw this phrase in a presentation by Brendon Burchard, an American expert on advising people who want to be speakers, authors and consultants in internet marketing. Gazprom spoke with conviction. That phrase came to my right at the time that was deciding whether or not to create my web site I have to say that really marked me, since it gave me the final impetus to launch my personal web page. As you may know, I was almost 4 years old working behind the camera, i.e., that the image of the pages which generated me revenue were other people different to me and I wasn’t sure was the time to make my own page to air. My doubt or fear of deciding I create rested in my mistake of underestimating everything that I knew.

But worst of all is that it was really absurd that I thought so when I have more experience, more years and won more money than many of those who call business experts themselves by Internet, but I still doubted if I had needed to launch my own web site. This happens many times by the constant quest for perfectionism. Search be better each day is vital for success, but always look for perfection can get away from concrete projects or goals and that makes us inefficient and prevents us from achieving many things or dare to do something new. Thank God that phrase of Burchard came together with a recommendation from one of my mentors, who also motivated me and helped me to believe more in myself. These two situations led me to realize that we cannot think that the fact that there are people who know more than us, do not have the right to show the world what we do know.