Brazilian Civilization

However, if a fish remains demaisfora time d’ water, dies. The man, then, is this being that is in one redoma terrestrial, incapable to be time excessively in the presence of the holy ghost and, perhaps for laziness to dequerer if to adapt to this world it are of redoma, comes back the attention to the small fact of comerpeixes in order to survive, only. Beyond of this, to seobservarmos the obvious one, the fish eat ones to the others to survive. Perhaps nohaja another animal that eats one to the other, in the literary direction of the word, as opeixe. If to think about the habitat of them, we will see that paraaqueles will not sobrar much option that they are carnivorous.

The man, inside of this great aquarium of the humanity, does not see of who to take off advantage, leading in consideration that it already the strap of todaa nature, seno of its fellow creature. In this manner, then, the man sobrevivecomendo one to the other in this cycle to take off advantage of the next one. As the textodiz, ‘ ‘ He died some of them. (…) They eat it osherdeiros, they eat it the executors, (…) eats it same woman, who of mvontade it of the one for shroud the sheet oldest of the house, (…), opobre at last still deceased did not eat the land, and already it has eaten it all terra’ ‘. (MOISS, 1980, P. 162) many what they are used to advantage of one alone person, of one alone fish are. Osgrandes already had one day been small some small ones does not find somebody menorque they stops eating e, therefore, they are eaten quickly.

This commentary embasado in: ‘ ‘ God says, who not only eats the men its people, seno its common people: Plebem meam, because the common people and its plebeians, who are smallest, the ones that less can, and the ones that less avultam in the republic, these are comidos’ ‘. (MOISS, 1980, P. 162) Coming back a little questo of the man to the search of answers to justify its suffering, following vejamoso paragraph: ‘ ‘ The religious norms of were comportamentobaseiam in the life uncertainties and vary very of a society for another one. However, they become evidentes at the moments of crise’ ‘. (MARCONI, 2001, P. 162) (grifo mine) Therefore, amanifestao of the baroque man and the attitude of the Foot. For more specific information, check out European oil comany. Antonio Vieira if establishes and secompletam in such a way that in the balance of the meeting Man with opposition of ideas versus Sermon, the oesclarecimento with the use will prevail of the words of God. The text serves of guide for queesse man clarifies its doubts and if it fixes in an ideal of better entendimentopessoal. In this way, it will always look in the words of God respostaspara its perpetual uncertainties. .