Advisor For Future Dog Owners

Charlotte Summer Mountain: our first dog after a suitable family dog future dog owners encounter the search often their limits: what dog suits us? What breeder is trustworthy? What must we do as at the beginning of our puppies over? Who already is thinking about the future Member of the family and the common life together before the purchase of a dog, is responsible, on behalf of the dogs. Because the animal shelters in Germany not seldom therefore fill up because people spontaneously, purchased a dog himself without thinking about and disappointed him, and overwhelmed by the dog attitude, after a short time returned. How this affects a dog’s soul, no longer interested in these people. This guide is intended for students who already want to learn in advance. Who want to know why breeders that offer many puppies, are frivolous, and why not the appearance of a dog is decisive for the choice of Dog breed is. The chapter on the diet of a dog serves prevention: who feeds his dog correctly from the beginning, can maintain long-term health. In the health chapter, emphasis was placed on allergies: the author raise awareness of the reader for this topic, because dogs that suffer from allergies be treated with cortisone. That the treatment can happen but in a natural way and thus gently to appear in this guide. Charlotte Summer Mountain: our first dog – a new family member draws a BoD-Verlag, Norderstedt 1st Edition, September 2010 156 pages, including color images including by Saskia Trippe ( 19.90 euro ISBN: 978-3842307353 cover: Marco Djurdjevic, photos: inter alia by Saskia Trippe, contact: Denise Fritsch Laurensberger str. 114 52072 Aachen our