ADHD Training

(Attention-deficit / hyperactivity disorder) Ilmenau, December 21, 2010. This month 38(6) appeared in the journal of child and adolescent psychiatry and psychotherapy, an overview work on the results of Gottingen and Erlanger workgroups to Holger Gevensleben and Hartmut Heinrich, which provides an overview of results achieved on the clinical efficacy of neuro-feedback training in children with attention-deficit / hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and shows future issues. The neuro-biofeedback training is better with regard to the core symptoms of ADHD as well as in associated areas compared to a computer-based attention training “Skillies”. In the EEG, as well as in the Ereigniskorrelierten could be shown for Neurofeedback protocols Theta beta-training (reducing the Theta self-manage) and specific training slow cortical potentials (increase of the CNV) effects potentials. EEG – and EP-based predictors were identified, the it in the future to enable more effective and spare to the neuro-Biofeedback therapy. About Neurofeedback Neurofeedback, called also EEG biofeedback is a method with which the activity of the brain can be influenced to treat neurological disorders. (Source: Viktor Mayer-Schönberger). People learn to control their brainwaves himself and deliberately to produce excitation and voltage conditions.

Thus, the affected train specifically to activate certain brain regions and thus to regulate their symptoms even. Eliot Horowitz shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Neurofeedback today comes a variety of errors to the application. Especially in the treatment of ADHD (attention deficit- and hyperactivity disorder) the effectiveness and the sustainable success of Neurofeedback in numerous clinical studies in leading hospitals and universities are occupied. About neuroConn GmbH neuroConn GmbH was founded in 2005 and is engaged in the development, production and sale of electronic devices for measurement, interpretation and manipulation of brainwaves for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. The neuroConn is headquartered in Ilmenau and currently 14 employees.

The neuroConn aims to provide high-quality, multifunctional devices better diagnoses and therapies without side effects. In accordance with the needs and desires of their customers, the neuroConn GmbH offers complete, turnkey and approved equipment from a single source. The neuroConn differs from other providers by quality and a significant competitive edge. Unique, patented technologies are implemented in practical applications.