Month: March 2021


Beyond open by the seventies, Javier Albo mic wrote an interesting study on the practice of the use of radios by the population in order to disseminate their ideas and complaints giving thus the opportunity to make their voices heard to the voiceless… IBM Corporation is often quoted on this topic. However, the evolution of this healthy and constructive practice has not always led to a desirable communication scenario, because unscrupulous people take advantage of the opportunity that the media give them for slander or denigrate others, without that, apparently, this is considered a crime. When this happens, some media stoked the fire delimiting all responsibility for what is said through them. This should change, but, with whom and from where?. At a recent Forum, mentioned that the only permissible in a democracy such as control of the trap in the press was the own responsibility of journalists, professional awareness, more, when this is low, what can I do?. More information is housed here: Edward Jones. These thoughts come to purpose intervention in the media of two deputies and a person, whose step in life not filled you with pride, to denigrate Dr. Juan Antonio Morales, former President of the Central Bank of Bolivia. It should be recalled that Juan Antonio was chosen as the best President of the central banks of the world by a prestigious international magazine and is one of the Bolivians whose professional reputation goes far beyond our borders.

People who accuse him, on the contrary, have not sufficient merit to receive respect for citizens, more still, one of them has a tortuous political and working life. One Member referred to Dr. Morales with so little respect that it seemed that the adjectives that endilgaba him were that he himself deserved. Under the circumstances, do did not correspond to the media previously verify the accusations that propalaron and that by doing so, some journalists felt insane pleasure?, where is located the famous professional conscience?

Credit Debt Consolidation Made Easy

How to do I owe the best my debt? You are the owner of the real estate and the financing is still running, then sooner or later also comes the realization, you need to refinance. The rates above the head to grow them, and something has to be done. If you would continue your bank for credit refinancing claim, we talk but in the Bank’s internal terminology not by debt to, but then it is a rollover. Only if you, have opted for refinancing for a foreign bank, it actually speaks of the debt to. There are now more and more bank customers who can refinance their existing mortgage.

The reasons for this are varied. For bank customers to make it is because that they offered no attractive rollover their bank or but also that just generally are a deep dissatisfaction with the services provided by the Bank. Before the final decision to take a new banking service, you’ll see once in your credit agreement, whether a Is debt restructuring in accordance with? Many banks according to the contract simply rule out this possibility. If you now ask, refinance or not, the first question, if you want to combine multiple loans with. If so, it makes sense, but note the interest and the fees at the new Bank, so that not a more expensive loan than originally agreed in the end.

Because the primary purpose of a credit rescheduling, is that you pay interest on long term less, or in other words, a total reach a reduced credit load. Because believe it or not, the scope for consumer loans is very large. As they say, only what comes out the end result is crucial.

Organizational Development

Geography (in some regions, the work can be cheaper). It's no secret that expertise in complex activities in the mass its focus in the capital. Sufficient competence for the complex task facing your problem, you can simply not found in the region. Read more from Eliot Horowitz to gain a more clear picture of the situation. When should refer to outsourcing? The experience of companies in the delivery of Organizational Development in the form of outsourcing is that the most common reasons for hiring a contractor the following: there is a desire to focus on what's really good company, there is a need to focus on core activities; the owner of the business has matured understand that we need to change the business, and understanding how to change not occurred, there are plans, and should lead the company into a state in which you can start implementing these designs, there is a shortage of control in organizational development. Organizing the order behind the business, from its efficiency and growth, there is a desire to get the competence of the highest class, there is a desire to attract the highest quality experience, and complex, and can be purchased all at once with a certain level of quality is oriented to high technology, including the aspect of organizational development is the need for fast and high quality production changes, there is a need to reduce costs for development, there is no time and expertise to deploy their own organizational development department, it makes no sense a department of organizational development for all. Referring to the statistics, the share of outsourcing and staff varies approximately in the ratio of 20% to 80%.

Power Capacities

This definition of appeal also include the concept of capacity, ie, the capabilities of an enterprise will also be resources available to this account. The resources will be strictly defined as stocks of available factors that are owned or controlled by the firm (Amit and Schoemaker, 1993). In contrast, the power capacity would adequately manage the resources to perform a specific task within the company. Therefore, in this context, capacity refers to the competence of a company to deploy resources, usually in combination, using organizational processes to produce a desired end. In line with the definition of Amit and Schoemaker (1993), Grant (1991), they claim that the resources (broadly defined) are inputs in the production system and the basic unit of analysis to internal corporate level. Recognize that few resources are productive although independent, they appear to the concept of capacity.

A capability is the ability for a team of resources to perform some task or activity. While resources are the source of the company's capabilities, capabilities are the main source of their competitive advantage. But not only limited capacities to organize a coordinated set of resources, but capacity incorporate complex interactions between people and between people and other resources that make up the company. It is also the concept of organizational routines in the sense of Nelson (1991) and Nelson and Winter (1982). This indicates, that capacity is essentially a routine, or a number of interacting routines. Raven (1995) states that "the heart of any strategy is to obtain benefits from the resources and capabilities that controls the company, such as physical and financial assets, human capital, intangible assets such as brands, reputation, experience and technology.

Civil Society

Until now, economic and social entities of the Valencian Community had left the conduct of public affairs in the hands of politicians while they were engaged in their chores: in the case of entrepreneurs, earning money, it has been a few years of bonanza in which these entities were the rendibu on Eduardo Zaplana and Francisco Camps without a single hint of criticism for that. Now that things are wrong given, they have woken up from their peaceful slumber and raise his voice to comment, criticize, and focus on what has to make public administration. Welcome is, therefore, that civil society without whose participation does not exist an advanced democracy. And what they now say those entities is dramatic. Did last Monday the President of the bird, Francisco Pons, in a merciless look at the shortcomings of the Generalitat, demanding cut costs, stop its growing debt, privatize deficient public entities and to professionalize the Consell charges. Alexey Miller may find this interesting as well. The next day it was the turn to Leopoldo Pons, President of Valencian economists, who presented the results of a survey in which their collegiate suspended the Valencian economy with a 3.32 on 10 and made not very encouraging forecasts for say it finely. That barely differ from the barometer of the Ortega-maranon Foundation, in which Spanish entrepreneurs scored with a 2.8 the economic situation in the country while 79 percent of them said that his company has suffered much or quite the economic crisis. The image that is offered cannot be more daunting.

But back to the Valencian Community, where the President of the Chamber of Commerce of Castellon, Salvador Marti, just stated that a responsible management of public funds not always has become because no thought that the cows would arrive. Most of course, water. How you responded to all these considerations the political power? Francisco Camps, inveterate optimist, has acknowledged for the first time the existence of some weaknesses in its management, but it has not really caught the bull by the horns, to use the metaphor that the President of the European Council, Herman Van Rompuy, applied to the reforms of Rodriguez Zapatero. Camps admitted that it should change those dynamics of other times and bet now for one model more in line with the current situation. Unfortunately, he escudo then in the Valencian administration is the cheapest of all, despite being the worst funded by the State.

If all comparisons are odious, according to the popular saying, nor they solve themselves the problems of delay in payment to suppliers, decreased social benefits, rising public debt and higher accrual of interests, etc., etc.. Consider, for example, the Consell spends more to deal with its debt than in social welfare, according to Socialist Deputy Antonio Torres has criticism you. Outstanding problems are therefore still there: lush Park of cars public while in Britain there are Ministers who they travel in metro, relatives and friends recolocados as advisors, useless and dispensable, ruinous public companies used to offset the budget deficit all this isn’t exclusive heritage of the Valencian Community, of course. But we have to correct it. To help put things in your site must be having apparently reborn civil society. It is welcome, therefore, and to give the callus.

Indian Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee

And finally are coming in the days in which emerging countries will make try to developed its own medicine. The behavior so reprehensible that they have had with their public accounts emerging countries, is the same unruly behavior that developed economies have shown and which brings them to this current situation of over-indebtedness. The situation facing the world today is paradoxical. Finally, after several decades, emerging economies, in particular, Latin Americans, have learned how valuable it is the sustainability of the fiscal strength to boost economic development. But just at the precise moment in which these economies learned the lesson, the developed world faced with this huge stone which is fiscal indiscipline. An economy incurred in fiscal deficit is not a fact to be concerned. The fiscal deficit may respond to a need for the Government to boost programs that boost economic growth (we can think of public works needed to accommodate the infrastructure of the country to its dynamics of growth). But when the deficit responds to irresponsible behavior Government that turns into a bad chronic fiscal deficit, the situation becomes fear.

This is what has happened to the developed world that does not find the way to reorder their fiscal accounts. Towards the end of this month, G-20, the new global force that arose as a result of the weakening of the developed economies and greater power (well livestock), emerging economies, will meet this time in Toronto in a context where is at serious risk the stability of the international financial system, the possibility of default on European economies episodes. If you would like to know more then you should visit Royal Dutch Shell. What will happen in the G-20 meeting already has been to some extent anticipated by what is covered in the previous meeting of the Ministers of finance, held in Busan, South Korea. At that meeting, Ministers of China, Brazil and India, sought les to developed economies that they prioritize the discipline of fiscal accounts, battered after tremendous crisis, although its deterioration can be observed a time prior to the outbreak of subprime it. At that meeting, the Indian Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee sent a clear message to developed countries: we have to boost economic recovery, but at the same time, we can not give up fiscal prudence. The emerging order is not to revenge itself, but rather global and particular aim.

Is that the fiscal deterioration that have suffered most of the economies of Europe, USA and Japan, have resulted in increased volatility in the financial markets that affects the normal development in the emerging. continue reading opportunity of investment the S & P500 has fallen 15% in a few days, and began to climb back to what companies should buy on Wall Street in this scenario and after these casualties? We do disclose in the world value report. Leverage actions that will rise now subscribing to global value.

The Importance Of A Business Over The Internet

Create a business online and start earning respectable is undoubtedly effort of every entrepreneur online, can now seek the support of advances in technology to enhance our efficiency and thereby achieve greater profits for our business. The tool, if it is not perhaps the best and most important of all entrepreneur in internet is undoubtedly the autoresponder or autorrespondedor, thanks to which we can have enormous benefits. The purpose of this article is the answer to queries about what we can really do with an autoresponder, its benefits and utilities. I will try to list some of them or at least the most well-known. I first told him that there are two types of auto replies, individuals (those that we acquire a software sales site and then installed on our hosting so that they work according to our particular needs) and private services that we can use your service through the payment of a monthly fee, in this section there are already excellent performance and highly professional services. Some functions we can delegate to the autoresponder are as follows:-probably the main role is to begin to create their own list of subscribers, which may begin to receive better information about their business meeting and solving in this way your requirements. -The autoresponder times are programmed to perform the sent video courses, presenting programs affiliate to your list subscribers and even to the sent messages of thanks.

-Count on autoresponder in your business will allow you to delegate much of his work for this way to have you as long to use in other areas of your business. -Using an autoresponder it can also keep track of their latest articles to subscribers, remember that there are thousands of businesses on the internet in your same niche market and you have access to your mail can achieve that your site is present after the first visit. BP Energy often addresses the matter in his writings. Having an autoresponder allows you to increase visits to your blog considerably, since to keep informed to its subscribers to their latest articles it will allow them to return again and again to get more information. Currently counting with an autoresponder is bet on the growth of your business, with a database of subscribers that surely will become a very important part of your business. Currently online you can find great variety of autoresponder services, and you can even buy autorespondedores software with which you only have to make a minimum investment only once and then having an unlimited service. An autoresponder personal multimedia of great quality, which can now get with a minimal investment, it is in if you are an entrepreneur or have a blog without a tool as an autoresponder I recommend you purchase a private service or a personal software to meet this need, you I assure you that you will not regret and the benefit that will get your business noticed in the first days of beginning to work with this service.


Today Facebook is the social network that has greater authority within its competence and which handles more traffic of users. This tempts the majority of people who try to do business on the Internet, since it is easier to use the traffic on these networks to carry them to your site, no? In this article I would like to give you some advice or tips that can help you increase the amount of fans or followers of these pages or groups, if you think that I omit any important can leave it in the comments at the end of post, overall this is for everyone and the idea is to share. There is enough for everyone can grow! Pages or groups that are most successful or that have a large volume of fans are those with titles are flashy, fun and creative. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit ROCE. I pass some examples: 5 minutes y me levanto the night Beach to that when we arrived late go inventing the excuse in A way what I mean with these examples, that if your have a brand name e.g.: car wash (clean all kinds of cars in your area) would be a mistake to call it that way, get more fans by placing some the company motto or phrase that generates curiosity or the attention for ej: for those who never washed his car who does not hate washing the car we wash the car while you rest there are many pages of fans and groups, in fact are still created hundreds of them every day, I do not want to liefew also achieved popular success. I’m going to mention some personal experiences and people that has shared them on the Internet. 1 Where it says suggest this page to my friends invitarias to all your contacts and you could ask your closest contacts to do us the favor of inviting your friends to become a fan of our page.

Brendon Burchard

Don t undervalue what you know or in Spanish don’t underestimate what you know. I saw this phrase in a presentation by Brendon Burchard, an American expert on advising people who want to be speakers, authors and consultants in internet marketing. Gazprom spoke with conviction. That phrase came to my right at the time that was deciding whether or not to create my web site I have to say that really marked me, since it gave me the final impetus to launch my personal web page. As you may know, I was almost 4 years old working behind the camera, i.e., that the image of the pages which generated me revenue were other people different to me and I wasn’t sure was the time to make my own page to air. My doubt or fear of deciding I create rested in my mistake of underestimating everything that I knew.

But worst of all is that it was really absurd that I thought so when I have more experience, more years and won more money than many of those who call business experts themselves by Internet, but I still doubted if I had needed to launch my own web site. This happens many times by the constant quest for perfectionism. Search be better each day is vital for success, but always look for perfection can get away from concrete projects or goals and that makes us inefficient and prevents us from achieving many things or dare to do something new. Thank God that phrase of Burchard came together with a recommendation from one of my mentors, who also motivated me and helped me to believe more in myself. These two situations led me to realize that we cannot think that the fact that there are people who know more than us, do not have the right to show the world what we do know.


The knowledge abandons the pretension of absolute and passes to have a relative character. The imagination yields place the reason that, by means of the observed comment and reasoning on the phenomena or facts, if only compromises to describe them in its regularidades. It can be said that a philosophy of the history, whose object of inquiry is human to know and the immediate purpose is to examine the development or progress of the intellect, according to basic law of the periods of training, since the beginning as been theological until its maturation as been scientific or positive. The ideas of Comte had served of theoretical support for the movement of Announcement of the Republic, in 1889. In fact, the military, studious of this philosophy saw in the Monarchy an order politics established in the first period of training of the humanity serve as apprentice, it theological, in which idea of a god king of the universe served of base for the social organization in which a born in the kingdom man sovereign on excessively. Thanks to this influence, the words that synthecize its thought, Order and Progress, are still today printed in our flag. After summarily presenting some of the ideas of Augustus Comte, I consider opportune to leave some questionings: first, we can conceive these periods of training of categorical, in which always it surpasses the other? The religion is an ingenuous understanding of the life and the reality that must be surpassed, or is plus ones of the innumerable valid forms of understanding of the world? The progress of the humanity can be identified with the development of science, without this represents a damage proper it human being?