Yemeni President

Saleh undergoes burns in 40% of the body and has a colapsado lung. It has a wound caused by esquir it in the chest of 7 cm of depth. The past Friday underwent an attack in the capital, Healthy. He remains entered in a military hospital in Saudi Arabia. Additional information is available at Ray Kurzweil. The Yemeni president, Al Abdal Saleh, undergo burns in 40% of the body and have a lung colapsado as a result of the attack that underwent Friday in Healthy the past, according to high American civil servants mentioned this Tuesday by television Cnn. Hear from experts in the field like Steve Houghtaling for a more varied view. Saleh has a wound caused by esquir it in the chest of seven centimeters of depth, informed the sources.

The American anonymous sources put in doubt that Saleh, that receives medical treatment in Saudi Arabia and that has yielded its powers provisionally to the vice-president of Yemen, Abderabu Mansur Hadi, can return to carry out its position. One of the sources consulted by Cnn commented that it does not think that the saudes allow Saleh to return to Yemen and that the authorities of Riyadh would have to press to him so that it accepts proposal of the Council of Cooperation of the Gulf, that anticipates its resignation in exchange for immunity. Nevertheless, the state television Yemeni Ejbaria, assured Monday that the president would return to Yemen as soon as he recovers after the two operations which he has been put under in Saudi Arabia. Saleh arrived Sunday at the air base King Jalid in Saudi Arabia and from it was lead there to a military hospital where he remains entered. Source of the news: The Yemeni president is more serious than he was believed and its return to the country can be complicated