Wooden Doors

Wooden doors were first and foremost a security system at home, but with the advent of new technologies have a question: Can we all just like before, trust wooden doors? Burglaries, vandalism, and constant changes of weather conditions, constantly threaten the status of the wooden doors, and yet the competition is great: metal, plastic and glass are trying to supplant wooden doors of the items. But is it really so bad wood doors in our time? Wood Doors: new technologies is necessary to recognize that technology is also moving production of doors, to expand and modernize. Important changes to undergo all parts of the wooden doors. Box of wooden doors. Now a box wooden doors are installed on napenivatele.

Such a framework for wooden doors and secure and more stable. The very same design has changed little, but when necessary (for example: installation of wooden doors from a file) it strengthen or bought from the especially strong tree. Cloth wooden door. Now become very popular massive wooden doors. The new technology they are obtained by gluing ideal and fit into any interior. The canvas of wooden doors extremely strong and the reliability is not inferior to steel doors.

However, other types of wooden doors markedly improved their quality in recent years. For example, wood doors from MDF now use technology that not only reinforce the fabric wooden door, without weighing it, but to protect from moisture and other potential trouble. Fittings wooden door. The use of "smart" and will no doubt more secure locks and security systems in the wooden door provides protection against burglary is not less than the metal door.