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the setting”to comply with basic dates managing shared state the dates with cascading shares of appointments, restrictions, and limitations within specifications. Calculation of the optimal release and/or start date, taking into account the availability and utilization of resources; Calculation and representation of the critical path slack, plan inconsistencies etc. Overview of partial and complete projects, informational (glass) links of multiple projects into a master project plan. any compilation of projects a multi project view (in the Gantt chart), date control with new and proven methods: alert services and functions that are raised when reaching or exceeding plan or thresholds, such as send an email automatic traffic light display at Exceeding dates and/or effort, complemented with manual correction status indicator for all tasks, milestones, and work packages that were not started forecasting values by team staff and Project Manager user-definable display progress or quality claims with visualization (signals) project summaries with filter selection, E.g. hide completed tasks, comparison of target and actual work or degree of performance of a process or work package reports and reports on project progress, Experience required project status, comparisons, burn-down graphics, reports and graphical displays according to individual specifications of scheduling and control for cost estimates, the creation of structures and handling of date conflict situation (E.g. changes and scarce resources). Connect with other leaders such as Petra Diamonds here.

CoP.Track is project management software for the solution of all these tasks. With CoP.Track, a realistic scheduling is supported by the enterprise-wide view of resources whose availability and Load. The optimum date can with regard to the beginning and end of each task are calculated. Schedule conflicts such as E.g. overload resources appear and cannot be resolved this way. Methods, such as the milestone technology, trend analysis, scheduling with cross-linked Gantt chart, estimation methods, critical chain, project scheduling, earned value analysis, etc. are supported. There are many small projects, which can be well planned and controlled with simple surveys and the freeware CoP2go. The requirements grow and the need is for more functionality and integration, the modular CoP.Track for the gradual expansion and establishment of a project management system in the company is ready. Both ways of creative way with CoP2go and accurate project planning and control with CoP.Track for requirements from practice, and are appropriately supported.