Water Filters

Filters are different: tabletop, floor, podmoechnye (which are installed under the sink), basement, underground – all name a few. The filter performance can be different – some can dial glass for minute, while others – in the free mode dial bathroom for bathing. But the biggest (and most important) differences among filters – on their ability to remove harmful substances. So, in general, all existing filters can be divided into two groups: those that remove the harmful substances, and those that remove all harmful substances. What is meant by harmful substances? Hazardous substances – compounds that are harmful.

That is to say, spoil, break, clog, distort and so on. Depending on the area for which you want to clean water, hazardous substances are changing. For example, water for drinking in the first place should not contain nitrates, nitrites, heavy metals, pesticides and pathogens. Water for industrial purposes should be transparent, to warm water – do not contain calcium and magnesium that cause scale deposits. That is, how many directions, so many opinions. Thus, the first thing to to decide when choosing a water filter – what is it for? What is its purpose? Suppose you need a cleaner to prepare the water for drinking. That is, you must remove all contaminants. The technology, which allows it do – technology hyperfiltration.

Working on the principle of 'molecular sieve', sets the size of filter out all harmful substances (as the toxic substances is greater than the size of water molecules, their removal is not a problem). At the exit you get a clean tasty water. Now the next step – how much water you need? If you have enough pairs of glasses a day, you need a low-pressure apparatus hyperfiltration (another name – low-pressure reverse osmosis). If, however, need more than 10 liters of purified water per day (and it should – count the drinking water for 4 people for cooking for 4 people to rinse dishes for 4 people …), then need a ramjet technology hyperfiltration. Naturally, after selecting the optimal technology of water purification and water filter that is appropriate for you, get up the issue of price. But this is the next question, which is solved simply enough – are written appropriate filters for water with their prices, and prices are comparable. So, this article describes only the basic steps you select the most appropriate filter for the water. But in reality, as we know, not everything is as it actually is. So the main thing – to learn, watch, compare, and draw conclusions, ask to clarify. This can be tedious, but will lead to better results.