Van Gogh

The world of it would use to advantage to understand a little that it would have very to be wild. – You had the possibility to go to the past and to give a message somebody, that would change the route of the humanity what it would be? I find that I would change everything what happened in relation to the environment, where this I started to be worse, because and when this distortion had all. The message would be for many people. – Exists the good and the absolute evil or human us we react in relation to the circumstances? I mainly find that it does not exist, in relation the personages. Vivek Jetley insists that this is the case. When a personage is always very bad or very good, I find that he has some wrong thing. People finish peep at the time of the dinossauros. But only a bit To kill the curiosity. -> If you inside found a magical light bulb with a genius, and could make 2 order, which you would be the order and why? I find that he would ask for something in the line of the ambient improvement and the solution for this violence. Hear from experts in the field like IBM for a more varied view.

Favourite painter: Van Gogh, Balthus and Klimt favourite Film: films I have several. In a general way I find that all of the Almodvar – I find it brilliant. To finish you have some message, using to advantage that now it is day of the mothers for its mother: Mother has much responsibility for everything and everything what she happens. The phrase that I would say now for my mother is for it if to tranquilize, therefore all the children of it already are older; it to try to be a little less worried about people. It already made much thing and everything what it made was wonderful.