Ukrainian Square

Metal and prices for it – the basic needs of consumers of all roofing materials, but growth is still not a market, but only the cost of the roof. Currently, metal Ukrainian production costs from 55 to 110 hryvnia per one square meter. It is true that to find a company that offers the lowest price of metal – less than 60 hryvnia per square rather difficult. What's interesting to buy metal roofing in Kiev and other cities Ukrainians sought only in the lowest price segmente.Metallocherepitsa: In 2010, the price remained vosstrebovan metal prices 70-80 hryvnia per square meter. Produced by Ukrainian companies such product, usually from the Finnish Polish, Ukrainian, German and Belgian steel. By manufacturer metal steel, and received his lineage, if the raw material from Finland, the Finnish metal is credited with "roots", if in Russia, metal called a "Russian". But the "black sheep" is still on the market composite metal – it's still unusual novelty (and in some cases and unnecessary luxury) to Ukrainian customers.

The second degree of metal vosstrebovannosti Slovak, Russian, Korean, maloziyskogo, Taiwanese and Indian raw materials. This price metallotserepitsa 64-70 hryvnia for one square. The third group of products entered the popular metal of steel with a high degree of technological risks – such steel, usually imported from China, India and Kazakhstan. Price roof tiles in this group is in the range 54-59 hryvnia for one square meter. Reasonable cost of metal – 54-59 hryvnia per square meter can be found even in Kiev.

However, the price the buyer gets is usually the case if you order in the vendor's installation of metal roofing and other roofing materials. In other words, market participants are beginning to use a tool such as cross-selling, offering customers not only buy metal roofing, but also the further maintenance of the roof. Another reason why shops, warehouses metal offer goods at low cost – high competition.