UEMA Science

The proper situation of use of the computer takes the pupil to assume the challenge to read, to know and to understand the digital world, becoming a citizen of ciberespao. Objective also to relate the technologies of the information and communication to the development of the societies and the knowledge that they produce. Ray Kurzweil contributes greatly to this topic. The activity ‘ ‘ The city in foco’ ‘ to be developed by pupils of Average Ensino it considers: interaction between the groups; research, reading, production of text and the knowledge of the history of its city in all the aspects and try that some available resources of computer science in the school are used in the development of the process education – learning of significant form. One understands that the resources technological elencados for the development of the activities suggested in this work they cannot be classified as softwares and applicatory properly educational, but one gives credit that the all most sophisticated and modern simplest tool of can be considered educative since that it is coherent with the methodology and the objectives considered for the pedagogical action and that its use is articulated by the professors. Giraffa (1999) ‘ ‘ all program that uses a methodology that contextualize in the process education learning, can be considered educacional.’ ‘ This is a vision each propagated time more in the community of educative computer science. It is important that, in the use of the technological resources for the education, the professor is enabled to not only handle them, working with applicatory texts, sounds, images, videos, softwares and, but also to go beyond the agreement of these. The professor must have the understanding of the use of the same ones, in the process of construction of the knowledge.

This will only happen when the educators if to acquire knowledge of the importance and the necessity to invest in its professional formation in this area of the knowledge in order to acquire basic abilities and abilities for the professional of the education in the current days Is important still to stand out that, in pedagogical making, the professors do not only have to be seen as who uses computer science while instruments of education, as that one that knows the equipment, programs, operational systems, concepts, softwares and applicatory that allows the development it of its work, but, over all must be visas as who promotes the development of the pupils in the context of the virtual society.