Treasure Connection

Doubtlessly, this possibility of unloading or of raising information from or towards Internet has made possible the development of new benefits like the digital television or the transference of films, and in the scientific world on has facilitated to carry out experiments line and until transmitting operations live. The great paradox of the previous thing is that a single corporative or even particular user, in Europe, Asia or the United States, today has a speed of connection to the network of networks greater than the one than it has Cuba, a country with more than eleven million inhabitants, who as soon as it has authorized, via satellite, for 65 Internet Mbps of bandwidth for exit and 124 Mbps for the entrance. By the same author: CVX. In fact, although Cuba counts today on access to Internet, this authorization to connect themselves to gave it to her, as if outside a gift, the North American government in 1996, and not by good will, but to operate the Web like one more a route to promote the internal subversion, the terrorism and pressures against the Revolution. From the sprouting of Internet, the United States it has torpedoed the access from Cuba to world-wide the computer science network, and simultaneously it has untied a ferocious campaign against the Revolution accusing it of not giving freedom of connection the same. In fact, because of the laws of the blockade, the country cannot be connected to the international optical fiber channels that happen closely together of their coasts, and must do it via satellite, which is more expensive and limits considerably this resource. In addition, whenever Cuba tries to add a new channel to Internet, the American counterpart must obtain the appropriate license of the Department of the Treasure of the United States. Of similar way, if a North American company wants abrir a new channel to him to Cuba or decides to increase the speed of the connection, also a license must be sent.