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In her mouth, a natural balance between hydroxyl-apatite(calcium phosphate) there is the resolve and the structure of tooth enamel by substances which occur naturally in the saliva. As with all people, their diets and their physical state brings the balance. When they outsource more calcium phosphate as record, their teeth are demineralized, which takes the name then caries. Then develop cavities in their teeth. All this has absolutely nothing to do with fluoride or the water fluoridation, but a good liar starts his story with some truth, so he will be heard. So it comes to the so-called healthy benefits of fluorides, and it is crucial to understand what really added to their drinking water or the products that regularly take it to toothpaste.

If fluoride be added to their drinking water, then are no organic minerals. Because of the fluoride, which I am talking about a chemical fluoride is a toxic waste product from the production of phosphate link fertilizer. There are three basic substances to fluoridating the drinking water: sodium fluoride(NAF) sodium silicofluoride Hydrofluorosilicic acid which last two sodium silicofluoride and Hydrofluorosilicic acid to the fluoridation of drinking water used. These substances are By-products from the production of aluminium, steel, cement, phosphate and also by nuclear weapons. This form of fluorides produced by people, and this form of fluorides have no nutritional or health benefits. And there is yet another little tidbit, which is rare.

We are talking about the fact that this toxic industrial waste, which are added to the water, were never tested for their toxicity and hazard for the people. Instead, the pharmaceutical standard sodium fluoride”(Natriumfluorid) is used whenever in studies to see how you people’s health quickly and easily can hurt. Therefore, the real danger for their health could quite clearly be greater than previously thought. And many studies have now shown that the pharmaceutical standard of fluoride is not only toxic, but also is able to inflict irreparable damage to their health. Fluoride probably promote tooth decay more than to protect! Scientific studies prove, that it is not Once can prevent tooth decay, which is one of the given reasons why it is used to the fluoridation of water and toothpaste.