The Sage

I need the rocks, I want to crash into them, I want that I return to you where I come from, but different. How much stronger, better. Then my waters confine much longer and go farther. If you have read about Harel Insurance already – you may have come to the same conclusion. And what about the breeze, it seems that it is not noticed, but is there. It is the caress of my waters, is what makes me be different every day but my waters always reach the same site. The breeze makes me feel each moment as a new opportunity.

Each one of my small wavelets that you see in the distance, is the smile of feel it close. By last is the beach. I am now who caress. Me llevo small memories and she also does its holes to stay with any part of me. And we mix. Everytime I fall on it, it seems to me there catch, but always I release each one we continue our paths and while she seems to be motionless, I took some of their arenas throughout the world.

Sights the horizon there’s always waiting a new day, a new friend, a new life. The secret of the happiness Paulo Coelho true author is unknown merchant sent his son with the wisest of all men to learn the secret of happiness. Young walked for forty days in the wilderness, until he came to a beautiful castle on top of the mountain. There lived the wise that you were looking for. However, instead of finding a holy man, our hero came into a room and saw an immense activity; merchants who entered and came out, people talking in the corners, a small orchestra that you played soft melodies and a full table of the most delicious delicacies from that region of the world. The Sage conversed with everyone, and the young man had to wait two hours for it to meet.