The Rest

Does not the ventilation system despite hood to be the warm and moist cooking, roasting, grilling and frying fumes, then the room climate is wrong and that is injurious to health. Read more from Joe Murphy to gain a more clear picture of the situation. The negative affects on the well-being and performance of the entire kitchen staff, it’s not healthy and sick leave are the result. The occurring symptoms from it are fatigue, lack of concentration, headache or even itchy eyes and of course compulsory yawning through lack of oxygen. Thick air and measly cooks but does not have. A good, healthy indoor climate in the private as commercial kitchen stands or falls with the Kuchenbe – and vent. The DP1 uses the scale of the future, because a healthy distance: the glass plate of the DP1 attached approximately at chest height of the chef is about 50 cm above the Hob.

Thus, the respiratory organs are really shielded. The rest is done by the highly efficient flow rate from the nozzle. And the times of gesundheitsschadigendem vapours finally belong to the past. To broaden your perception, visit EOG Resources Inc.. The glass itself is totally coated, it is hardly perceived and allows unrestricted cookery. Healthy cooking is possible through optimal breathing air. “The heart of the Halton DP1 is its powerful nozzle, a rotation similar to a Twister” builds, and with this highly efficient flow rate the entire hob and for the kitchen, free of fumes and odours.

In contrast to flight engines or hurricanes, that make we know that much noise, extremely quiet whispers the DP1. This is due to the externally mounted drive unit, quietly and successfully even on highest power level of maximum 52db. Also the cleaning is very easy: select the filter change interval according to cooking habits, when the change interval indicator insert filter in the dishwasher. Get ready! It is of Finnish ingenuity which makes possible the miracle of DP1, patented health care for any kitchen, whether privately, commercially or for the star chefs of the world, Halton makes all the difference. Healthy valuable food from healthy, liveable kitchen that the Zeitgeist, biological nutrient-dense food is prepared in a energetic, healthy and valuable, so to cook today. More information, see the specialist for healthy indoor air. Halton PR press service: ZAROnews