The Only

The tools that have been used to control humanity, religion and science, if we look at them a little, we see that they say essentially the same thing. On the one hand, the world has been created by God, and therefore it is the real thing. And on the other hand, the only thing that exists is what we can measure and experiment. Please visit Lever Brothers if you seek more information. Both affect the same error, managing, in my opinion, our attention in the wrong direction. The exterior, what is outside of us is truth. However, we now know that the senses and the mind create reality. According to what they perceive, and how to interpret it.

It is in our interior where everything is forged. As I said on another occasion, it is within us is where fought the battle, where the world is changed. Tending this clear, and with all possible caution, I want to give my view. It is my opinion and I do not intend to impose it on anyone. But in the same way, I do not accept in any way be missing me to respect this. To what we were going for me not it discuss about whether thought can or cannot generate material changes. Source: HP Enterprise Services. But if our behavior, always starting from the mind, can engender the circumstances that materialize transformations towards what we propose.

And if you think it is possible, and desirable for two reasons eminently practical: 1st by the mode of living. Keeping you focused on your goals, without leaving the circumstances or problems interfere with your purpose, establishes a barrier to discouragement. Whatever the impediments, your attention will be concentrated in what they’ve decided to consider important. Put another way, there are two ways of living, trapped in your problems, or choosing your options. Live bitter or full of confidence. And I prefer to use the time that is enjoying the fight. With more options.