The Love Of The Father

WE SWIM WE CAN SEPARATE OF THE LOVE DE CHRIST! Our important bad security and confidence that we can have and this: ' ' WE ARE REACHED BY THE LOVE THE HOLY GHOST, AND THIS LOVE WE JOINED &#039 DEFINITIVELY; ' JESUS ' '. — The father does not abandon nobody! Proper it affirmed that one that the father it of, this goes it; who it never is launched outside. God we love above all, nothing in the world we move away to you from the Christ love. The times the enemy fight against our mind, making we to believe that GOD abandons that one that its will does not follow (this not and truth) all those that if to repent and to ask for to pardon will pardon it to GOD. If we move away from on account proper it and; What we have that to make is to immediately come back the presence of the King Dos Reis and to feel again its love GOD BLESSES IN THEM! Sandra Sampaio Dos Santos