The Intention

The results that can be obtained are immense, they can be mounted to be resolved from simple problems of couples up to complicated ruptures. Work: you are looking for work and can’t find anywhere?, did many times you complain of the low which is your work? I have heard many cases of great multitude that told me their experiences and who have obtained wonderful results, as for example, have topped get the pay rise that had both desired, or work that time had therefore sought. The money: the problems caused by the fly error often suffer from our lives. There are many rituals easy to do through which you can attract the finance to your life. Friendship: you can perform spells to improve your relationships with your friends or, if that you’re fought with any of them, there are spells to obtain his forgiveness and reconcile the relationship.

Prosperity: can achieve to attract complacency in those times that you feel attacked and surrounded by the dark energies and bad luck. So the real answer to all these questions is the intention that one has at the time of practice spells. People who use any spell to work on energy should be of pure heart and possess healthy intentions. Therefore proportionately, in the moment in which we see the existence of this attractive black we cannot look in direction to another band and deny its existence. When we take conscience that there is the possibility of appointing both the way of the properly as the path of evil, we are acquiring enormous responsibility commitments: the commitment to take a correct courage. What we decide in this world and in this moment is own boldness. At least this well or badly, just every thing has its consequences.